Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz – Outsiders

Catalogue number: HAZE290 | Artist: Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz | Date: 18/08/2014

Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz - Outsiders

That album inspired by experimental and improvised music is a bunch of solo/duo/trio performances in wich all combinations have been explored.
The tracks are short, concise with no blah blah blah, music says what it has to say with no hesitation!
In sum, these 9 snapshots capture, in a pretty nice way, the first collaboration of those three creative musicians, Paul Mimlitsch – Martin Pozdrowicz – Andre Darius. Enjoy!


  1. Mapa [03:01]
  2. An [01:23]
  3. Maanpa [03:24]
  4. Paan [02:55]
  5. Ma [01:41]
  6. Pamaan [03:09]
  7. Anma [03:52]
  8. Pa [01:59]
  9. Anpama [04:58]

Martin Pozdrowicz – drums, percussions, electronics
Paul Mimlitsch – bass clarinet, contrabass recorder, electronics
Andre Darius – electric upright bass, bass-guitar, ebow, objects


Paul Mimlitsch (bass clarinet, contrabass recorder)
Approach: to enter into the creative process without intent: action/reaction/interaction. Painting with sound.

Martin Pozdrowicz (acoustic and electronic drumming)
-first experience as a marching-drummer in the 1970s
-self taught rock and pop-drumming in the early 1980s inspired by New Wave, Neue
Deutsche Welle, Reggae and (very important!) Can
-since mid 1980s discovering more and more ethnological and experimental music and improvising to develop the own way of ceating music
-inspired by the slogan “step across the border” (Fred Frith)
-member of the improvising collective “Passierzettel” since 1998
-Always interested in sticking together contrasts
-beside live-improvisation creating small pieces called fiction-folk or fiction-ethno and trying to work out which borders can be crossed by exchanging audio-files with musicians elsewhere by net.

Andre Darius (bass-guitar, eub)
motivated by avant-garde and improvised musics, he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, always with the slogan “capture the truth of the moment” in mind. As of today, he recorded with artists from all over the world, almost 20 albums for European, American and Australian netlabels. Be curious, check out his pages and sounds!

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