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Recydywysta was conceived as a response to the heat waves, internet buffoonery, night terrors, and organized crime which plagued the northeastern United States in 2015. A missile masquerading as a missive. Recordings developed and produced at the Golgotha studio in Weccacoe, Philadelphia, USA, between June and December of 2015. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is completely intentional.


Golgotha Communications Limited

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The work was created based on a sound interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin film «The Adventurer» (1917). In collaboration with Eugen Rogozin and music project Grind Out (Alexander Mazurkievich).


WЁska Project, Eugen Rogozin, Grind Out
Chaplin Time

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The art of Protecious defies categorization – It stands on the verge of popular culture and contemporary experience, both acknowledging them and laughing at them. It deciphers evil, controversies, horror stories, science fiction, serial killers, organized religions and cults, twisting the ideas and observations into a regurgitated pile of a rainbow pot of gold.


The Gloss On Blood

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This piece of music “Ondapensiero/Formapensiero” fully represent the feelings we share about it and express also the will to define the whole thing like the primal step of an introspective journey through memories and sensations, inspired by that magical location, under the form of an audio description.



HAZE Radio

Radio for experimental music.