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Viktar Siamashka is a Belarusian poet, broadcaster and musician seeking a synthesis of free jazz, folklore, academic and electronic music. He specializes in a wide range of wind instruments often played with sound effects.


Viktar Siamaška & Сo
Vilnius Axis

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“This album is my sixth in the line, in my experimental project under my name Szentpétery Csaba. I continue the computer music study with third and fourth. This serial is „rational” music.”


Szentpétery Csaba
For The Nonce

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Knyaz Mishkin – Golova Mishkina.
10.04.2015, Minsk, Gallery 12.
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop.


Knyaz Mishkin
Golova Mishkina

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Golgotha Communications Limited is a Philadelphia-based experimental music unit, founded and fronted in a maze of brick and concrete by a marginally functional former nightclub bouncer named Josef Karpinovic. Active since around the turn of the century, they have issued numerous audio products in various formats on about a dozen different labels.


Golgotha Communications Ltd.
All These Wheels Be One

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Albert Borkent is an ambient artist and experimental sound designer from The Netherlands. “Landship” paints a dream landscape somewhere situated in the Gobi Desert, or elsewhere, the different situations experienced there, the cold, the heat, the lost, the found.


Lingua Lustra

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Orq Improvis – Armenian Dots Door
The release dedicated to Vladimir Banker.


Orq Improvis
Armenian Dots Door

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This album describes the post-apocalyptic world, forcing the listener to go to him, feeling every second of music, every moment of history. Each track describes its history, with its tragic end, leading deeper into the world. After listening to the album before the end, you will see the whole story that will leave you a great impression.


Alex Mason
Red Numbers

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Soundtrack for the film Sasha (Belgoskino, 1930).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Vladimir Banker – laptop;
Andrey Sherro – laptop, synth.


Knyaz Mishkin

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We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.
Let’s go for a walk through New York City.


Sound Interpretation: New York City

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Art-Noise/Dream-Industrial band from Minsk. The Aural Library. We are art-of-noise-psy-dream-industrial band from Minsk, Belarus.
Is a simple music project – ambient \ experimental \ lo-fi \ minimal \ noise \\\


Golova & Roomdark

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“Goldkopf” project as a musical composition which was based on the principle of ABC-art.
Compositions based on the principle a combination of sound and color, which was used by artists in the 20s of the last century.


Wёska Project

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Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 20 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing.


Knyaz Mishkin

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Fire Under Water & Gil Galad – A Split.
Recorded at Heorot-Home-Studio and The Station, Bergen February – April 2014.


Fire Under Water, Gil Galad
A Split

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Shadows On The Snow is a collaboration band from Sean Monaghan of Venus Vulture and Kendall Keeler of December Nightskies (previously known as Black Winds). Sean Monaghan of Venus Vulture is from New Zealand.


Shadows On The Snow
Electroconvulsive Therapy

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“A certain fondness”, which is also called “Exploding desire”, is a collection of nine sketches about what can happen when the light hits you in just the wrong way.


Golgotha Communications Limited
A Certain Fondness

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It was a long way from home. A new home. A colony, far away from Orderaki overlords. Epsilon Eridani, the home of human kind. Their birthplace destroyed, they journeyed far and within time, they have entered the system. Two planets, quite cold, a debris disk of remnant planetesimals and two belts of asteroids. “A beautiful place…”, said Jaroslava Zadiska, captain of the Darius, the sleeper ship…


Lord Havoc
Storm Among Stars Story