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Cagey House – Queen of Spins


Cagey House
Queen of Spins

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Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR – Undervatar EP


Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR
Undervatar EP

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Geotrupidae is a bug, which drags the ball that weighs more than his body. Our illusory essences, all those phantoms which produces our lust, made from the same substance, which has already managed, however, to stone. It would seem so easy to know the truth and be free. But…


Geotrupidae (My Head is Too Big)

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Patej – Nemogoče



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The words that you steal are the words that you lie with.
The words that you borrow are the words that you expose yourself with.
The words that you bleed are the words that have yet to make sense:
you drown in that, teaching yourself to swim,
you die in that, learning to survive.


Martin Rach
Shores of Bare Lands

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It is a foresight and an extra sensory perception borne from the musical experience and ability of both individuals.


Psychic Frequencies
Cut Ups And Fold Ins

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Mescaline Sessions project is a collaboration between Meho and Ned, from Bosnia and Hercegovina. It is the first album we collaborated on before that we have been only working on some tracks together.


Desert Visions
Mescaline Sessions

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Soundtrack To MKCK Dream is an hour long collage of takes, tapes, bits of soundtracks. It Was created in 2010 from the bits of sounds that were firstly ment for the promotion of movie nights in local youth centre in Kranj, Slovenia, Europe.


Soundtrack To MKCK Dream

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2010 EDIT is a compilation album by Sonvol, experimental music producer and author from Slovenia. It was compiled in 2010 and yet not published outside Sonvols internet archive on Internet Archive.


2010 Edit

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Within the 26th century, Earth colonized the Solar system. Millions lived upon other moons and planets capable of supporting life. Space stations were filled with miners, scientists and security. Pirates brought much conflict into the system of Solis, until at the end of 26th century, invasion of the alien powers brought the end to the conflicts between Humans.


Lord Havoc
The Last Solar Storm

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Misplaced sounds – found and incorporated. Reach out, digitally. Or new, creation. Each part recorded at a different moment in time. One made after another. Traded; back and forth, and forth. Collated. Acoustic interaction from afar. Stuck back together; layered up, up, up! And forth?


Trimensic Viewing Co.
Photorealistic Distortion

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Let’s go for a walk through Berlin!


Sound Interpretation: Berlin

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Collettivo Androgino is a collective of extemporary music born in 2010. We perform a musical making of in a very real time.


Collettivo Androgino
When Ears And Mind Unite

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Knyaz Mishkin & Roomdark – Two In The Cube


Knyaz Mishkin & Roomdark
Two In The Cube

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Beli Šum – Mono Scarves


Beli Šum
Mono Scarves

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Morphine Bandit – Overview of Virgin Territories


Morphine Bandit
Overview of Virgin Territories