Stanislav Bobrytskyy / Frank Wilke / André D. / Henner Gräf – Diary of a Dissident

Catalogue number: HAZE254 | Artist: Stanislav Bobrytskyy, Frank Wilke, André D., Henner Gräf | Date: 10/02/2014

Stanislav Bobrytskyy / Frank Wilke / André D. / Henner Gräf - Diary of a Dissident

“The diary of a dissident” is a long distance collaboration project from three different locations, Ukraine, Germany and France.

The quartet is made up of Stanislav Bobrytskyy (Kiev), Frank Wilke/Henner Gräf (Kohlenpott area) and André D. (french Alps).

During 2013 we exchanged sounds and ideas to bring to birth an 6 tracks LP; the biggest challenge with that kind of work is probably to be able to create intimacy and interplay feelin’ between musicians.

Moreover, when you improvise at old-school jam session, you can see each other having two complementary data streams to be processed to build a context and play a response (visual + audial thinking). When you are unable to receive visual information (as we are with blind online-jamming or recordings exchange), brain analyses messages in slightly another way. Actually, the difference is like between visiting a gig vs. listening to the CD. In other words, current work (and such kind of practices as well) can be considered as improvisation from listener’s point of view (but with incremental material), which potentially reduces a distance between musician and audience.
Generally, it’s intriguing social/psychological phenomenon rising much more philosophical questions (such as working in incremental/distributed content (e.g. as human analogy for distributed computing), perception as data processing, improvisation as communication protocol, communication as data exchange etc.).


  1. Cut Throught the Fog [07:09]
  2. Freedom is an Intuition [05:46]
  3. The Barricades [04:04]
  4. Fool’s Game [03:25]
  5. Like a Rat in a Golden Cage [07:20]
  6. New Land, New Hope [04:53]

Frank Wilke – trumpet, trombone
Stanislav Bobrytskyy – piano
André D. – electric bass
Henner Gräf – drums


Frank Wilke
His first musical preferences in the mid sixties of the last century were acquired on parental turntable player sitting cross-legged. Even here, there was a strong interest in wind music. After a classical education on tenor saxophone in the 1990′ years and a prolonged musical dormancy departure from the saxophone occured and starting the self-taught trumpet playing was about time in 2005, later adding the trombone and french horn, with an emphasis on free jazz. Within this context his music is supported by a spontaneously designed compositional framework with an emphasis on formal details.

Stanislav Bobrytskyy
Started to play piano in 1992 at music school. Played in metal bands as keyboardist in 2000s while being biochemistry student getting interested in contemporary jazz, rock-in-opposition and free improvisation. Since 2007 have been playing in Cthulhu Rise, avant-prog/jazz-metal which is his primary band at the moment. Being interested in finding his own way of creating dynamic and detailed acoustic situations, since 2010 he became more concentrated on improvised music, whether it has jazz roots or not.”

André D.
Musician without borders, motivated by atonal and improvised music, he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the end of the 90s. In 2011, he created “Darius Improvise” to produce & play free-form music (free-jazz, experimental, electro-acoustic, noise, improv…), until now and meanwhile new projects, several albums were published by European, U.S and Australian netlabels. Now in association with musicians from around the world, he explores the musical possibilities offered by the new electronic communication channels of our time.

Henner Gräf
“Drummers are important within the band and alongside with the guitarists they drag from most girls!” I was told as a teenager. So I became a young drummer… The 80 `s passed in various punk bands in the Dortmund (Germany), as “THC” or “Chauvinist and Friends”. It was then in 1990 the deliberate departure from the classic drumplay; further learning of various percussion instruments and the turn to
metric free playing. It arose as a result the participation in various projects of improvised music (like the cult band “Rudi pohlt”) within a pool of musicians from the Ruhr area, whose common goal was and still is a “play together” as the form of communication. 2009 foundation of the trio ‘freivomhieb’ with Frank Wilke (brass) and Uwe Juchum (reeds).

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