Andrea Carri – Frammenti

Catalogue number: [HAZE221] | Artist: Andrea Carri | Date: 18/06/2013

EP from Italian pianist Andrea Carri.
Andrea have played the Piano since 6 years old; everytime he is on a stage he feels at home.
Passion for music started from his parents who have made him grow with bread and Genesis and at the age of six, instead of giving him the Lego, they gave Andrea first “Bontempi”.


  1. Strade [02:41]
  2. Canzone Della Speranza Sahrawi [03:52]
  3. Giochi Di Luce [03:02]
  4. Cuori Nel Vento [04:40]
  5. Frammenti [04:23]
  6. Sunshine After Rain [04:18]
  7. Moments Of Life [04:55]

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