DolCHi – Nino. Only Sopranino Sax

Catalogue number: HAZE303 | Artist: DolCHi | Date: 03/11/2014

DolCHi - Nino. Only Sopranino Sax

Darío Dolci is an argentine musician saxplayer/teacher (improvise music/freejazz/noise), he lives in Buenos Aires city/Argentine.
This new sound work is plays only sopranino sax in acoustic format. (extended techniques, blows, growls, overtones, guttural voice, altissimos, multiphonics, slaps, timbral textures, circular breathing).

Recording studio: Estudiolibres
Recording date: on May-June 2014
Cover/design: Gino Dolci
Special thanks to my two loves: Gladys Ramos, my wife and Gino Dolci, my son.


  1. Chucky [02:43]
  2. Monotonia [03:22]
  3. Nino [03:00]
  4. YYYY [01:56]
  5. Don Jilguero [01:41]
  6. Secretos [03:28]
  7. El Final [02:52]
  8. La Aumentada [02:19]
  9. After Office [03:37]

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