Collettivo Androgino – When Ears And Mind Unite

Catalogue number: HAZE273 | Artist: Collettivo Androgino | Date: 07/05/2014

Collettivo Androgino - When Ears And Mind Unite

Collettivo Androgino is a collective of extemporary music born in 2010. We perform a musical making of in a very real time.
The sounds collected here are caught on their appearence in different happenings performed as Collettivo Androgino.
Not really. It’s more like some tracks were taken as Ius Primae Noctis, some other as Three en Voyage and some other as Collettivo Androgino.
Well it does not reach the point, nor the different lines up performing.
The name Collettivo Androgino means nothing at all – but it’s still good on a cover.
So what IS the point?
Improvisation is not something you can just “know”. You have to act-in in order to analyze its structure.
We improvised during the last 3 years on many live performances and we explored as many sounds as we could – and this record is a wide sight on our ideas and experiences.

All tracks recorded on live extemporary performances.

Sound editing and mastering by Gianluca Massimo.
Produced by Luca Gazzi.
Artwork by Andrea Meneghetti

+0039 338 79 27 639 Luca


  1. As-Shara’ al-Gharbiyan [00:37]
  2. When ears and mind unite [09:24]
  3. Connecting the Machines [03:57]
  4. The way back home (is full of ghosts) [02:19]
  5. Immune Defence System [05:28]
  6. Psychedelic Industrial Surgery Pt. I [05:46]
  7. The way back home (still the ghosts) [03:53]
  8. A neverending travel [04:31]
  9. Psychedelic Industrial Surgery Pt. II [02:44]

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