Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Stephen King

Catalogue number: [HAZE183] | Artist: VA | Date: 07/01/2013

There isn’t any division of time to express the marrow of our lives, the time between the explosion of lead from the muzzle and the meat impact, between the impact and the darkness. There’s only barren instant replay that shows nothing new. I shot her; she fell; and there was an indescribable moment of silence, an infinite duration of time, and we all stepped back, watching the ball go around and around, ticking, bouncing, lighting for an instant, going on, heads and tails, red and black, odd and even…I think that moment ended. I really do. But sometimes, in the dark, I think that hideous random moment is still going on, that the wheel is even yet in spin, and I dreamed all the rest. What must it be like for a suicide coming down from a high ledge? I’m sure it must be a very sane feeling. That’s probably why they scream all the way down.
Rage, Stephen King.

About Sound Interpretation project
The HAZE Netlabel presents the project Sound Interpretations. In this project we propose to rethink literary heritage of the 20th century. Over the 2012-2013 years, each month we will release the compilation dedicated to the 12 most outstanding writers of the 20th century.
You can listen to and download our compilations here: Sound Interpretations.


  1. Matthew Lee Knowles – Heart Attack Breath [05:28]
  2. Hari Hardman – Sometimes Human Places Create Inhuman Monsters [05:02]
  3. Aortha – Roadwork [07:12]
  4. Arcane Waves – Monitoring The Checkpoints Between The Mortal And The Eternal [07:05]
  5. C-Age – Hard Specialist [04:03]
  6. Duran Vazquez – He Burnt Them Like Carrie Did [05:40]
  7. Generation Skweee – Dirty [07:10]
  8. To-Bo – Friedhof der Kuscheltiere [03:46]
  9. Grist – The Deadlights [10:38]
  10. Jude Cowan Montague – Miserycordia [06:36]
  11. Karaoke Vomit – While Mom Not Home [02:23]
  12. Kritchev vs. Ban – Suicing [03:13]
  13. Koxdeer pres. Kusty – Shhhh/Lullaby [09:07]
  14. Mystified – Castle Rock [05:26]
  15. RoomDark – Antubis [03:51]

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