Winterbound – Enveloped By The Shadow Of Darkness

Catalogue number: [HAZE144] | Artist: Winterbound | Date: 07/07/2012

Winterbound — Enveloped By The Shadow Of Darkness


  1. Enveloped By The Shadow Of Darkness (50:22)

Winterbound is a solo project which explores the textures of Ambient and Electronic music.

With an emphasis on Post-apocalyptic sounds and themes – Winterbound strives to bring new textures and Journeys through the broken and cold harsh realities of a fallen world.

Dark ambient like any type of Ambient music is highly creative – the production process can be long. Ever since I heard Brian Eno’s amazing piece of art (An ending – Ascent) I was hooked on Ambient music. As the years rolled along I become immersed in creating “Sound Journeys” in creating textures, and designing sound, from nothingness to something so beautifully sculpted, whether dark or happy in tone and texture. I then got hold of a Steve Roach album, and again, everything changed – for the first time I knew that I could truly create worlds without an end through textured sounds. Ambient music, is like a sphere of light and sound that can radiate through ones being. Ambient is the definition of stillness pesonified through sounds of mezmerising beauty and sculpted by a passionate mind.

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