Desert Visions – Mescaline Sessions

Catalogue number: HAZE279 | Artist: Desert Visions | Date: 18/06/2014

Desert Visions - Mescaline Sessions

Mescaline Sessions project is a collaboration between Meho and Ned, from Bosnia and Hercegovina.
The album Desert Visions is the first album we collaborated on before that we have been only working on some tracks together.
We manly work with recorded an sampled sounds and some few plug-ins.


  1. Desert Dwellers [20:00]
  2. Caravan Mirage [17:00]
  3. Stars of Sahara [12:00]
  4. Imaginary Oasis [18:00]
  5. Desert Spirits [08:00]
  6. Under the Sun [18:32]

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