Praying For Oblivion & SUPERROR – Erstickung

Catalogue number: HAZE312 | Artist: Praying For Oblivion & SUPERROR | Date: 04/12/2014

Praying For Oblivion & SUPERROR - Erstickung

Over 30 minutes of pure Noise, delivers the split-collaboration, between american post-industrial musician Praying For Oblivion and austrian noise artist SUPERROR. A brachial journey through sonic extremes.

Track 1 recorded September 2012.
Tracks 2, 3 recorded July 2014 in Kirkel, Saarland, Germany. Mastered and completed October 2014 in Antwerpen, Belgium. Tracks 1, 2, 3 recorded and mixed by Andrew Jonathan Seal.
Track 4 recorded and Mixed by David Pitzmann. Recorded with a Dictaphone and mixed with the Effects of DJ-Software, at Heorot-Studios (Salzburg, Austria) in July 2014.

My thanks to Superror and D.S., Andrew and Dzmitry.

Praying For Oblivion:
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Cover-Art by Mike Behnken.
Artwork is in Public Domain.


  1. Mörderkeller [04:11]
  2. Im Gesprachen Durch Mauerwerk [05:10]
  3. Erstickung (Still) [04:30]
  4. Dunke Gewölbe [18:09]

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