Zaman Cheh – Free Audio Rape

Catalogue number: HAZE248 | Artist: Zaman Cheh | Date: 13/01/2014

Zaman Cheh - Free Audio Rape

Free Audio Rape is a collection of three pop remixes. Those remixes were created with the mobile phone, dictaphone and ShoutCast aplication on the Winamp and internet radio. We can say those are alternative takes to remixing. It contains the idea of weird delay.
Zaman Cheh is a nickname of Gods Gift Big Hill. It Was created from te surnames of Gods Gifts abcesters.


  1. The Softies – Me And The Bees [03:39]
  2. Trespassers William – Lie In The Sound [06:17]
  3. Noise For Pretend – Go Figure, Another Warm Day In Paradise [04:59]

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