Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Dos Situaciones

Catalogue number: HAZE311 | Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo | Date: 01/12/2014

Lorenzo Gуmez Oviedo - Dos Situaciones

“Dos Situaciones” (Two situations) was recorded and mixed between September and October 2014 somewhere in Mendoza, Argentina.
“Derramamientos” (Spills) is a sound installation of various modes of liquid waste generated by man.
“Monos Unidos” (United Monkees) is a collage assembled by recording sax, guitar, homemade turntables and various percussion instruments.

Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Born in San Juan at 1987, a resident for 10 years in Mendoza, Argentina composer and improviser, some of his works have been premiered at various sites in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. Since 2011 he formed together with Mauricio Gastón Lúquez “Nuevas Emisiones Sonoras” local broadcast group to present music which remain actively through concerts, workshops and lectures. In their search for improvisation has deepened his main instrument is the piano, but he has made inroads in exploring soundscapes using analog recordings, sound interpretation of everyday objects, etc. In 2014 he formed “Espacio de Improvisación Grupal” (E.D.I.G) which works with different modes of improvisation guided by a single pattern, given by a member other than the assembly each time. Currently, he is active as a composer and performing in aduo with Karim Villalba focused on improvisation based collaborations with artists from other disciplines such as dance, poetry and drawing.
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  1. Derramamientos [17:41]
  2. Monos Unidos [10:15]

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