mhzesent, MBUF – Salò Brain Damaged

Catalogue number: HAZE292 | Artist: mhzesent, MBUF | Date: 16/09/2014

mhzesent, MBUF - Salò Brain Damaged

First split to be released between mhzesent (Poland) and MBUF (Belgium). These two nordic artists are not that cold and take you to a jourey between sounds collages, chaotic drone-like and some oriental dark ambient. No harsh noise here, for once.


  1. MBUF – Salo [17:49]
  2. mhzesent – Brain=DMG [28:48]
  3. MBUF – Naked Orchestra II [11:30]
  4. mhzesent – Yums (mhzesent Version) [10:00]

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