Just The Tracks, Ma’am

Catalogue number: | Artist: A.Darius, P.Mimlitsch, M.Pozdrowicz | Date: 28/08/2014

Outsiders is nighttime trip through improvisation, the sounds are recognizable, but in this new-moon darkness you can only guess at what you are hearing. Paul Mimlitsch, bass clarinet and contrabass recorder; Martin Pozdrowicz, drums (acoustic and electronic); and Andre Darius, bass-guitar and electric upright bass, have put together a terrific avant-garde album released on the netlabel Haze.

Each track is a short burst of energy disappearing as quickly as it appeared leaving you grasping for some semblance of continuity. “Yeah, I’ve got this,” you tell yourself and then a gust of saxophone or the stammering of drums tilts you away from the previous track on to something new. You haven’t made a sharp turn, you are on a completely different road with no signs about. In keeping Outsiders’ tracks to terse torrents of sounds, they haven’t lost the listener, rather they focus us in on each particular moment of their transmission.

Free download ‘Outsiders’ by Andre Darius, Paul Mimlitsch and Martin Pozdrowicz

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