Alex Mason – Hybrid

Catalogue number: HAZE291 | Artist: Alex Mason | Date: 25/08/2014

Alex Mason - Hybrid

This album describes the harmony of the whole environment, where there are no differences of nature and machines, where there is no controversy around the existing one. Imbalance of different things that destroys peace, soon comes into balance, creating a new creation. As well as the sounds of raging gain harmony and turn into beautiful music.


  1. New Element [06:04]
  2. The Inspiration [07:14]
  3. Sunrise and Sunset [03:51]
  4. Rise Of An Empire [04:55]
  5. No Hope, No Salvation [02:02]
  6. Lost Planet [04:21]
  7. Watchword [03:24]
  8. We’ll All Die [03:12]

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