Art Electronix – Intermittence

Catalogue number: HAZE264 | Artist: Art Electronix | Date: 24/03/2014

Art Electronix - Intermittence

Intermittence means “discontinuity”.
We mean something, broken into pieces, fragments. Applies to audio it is a set of files that are stored on your hard disk, sorted, fragmented, amenable to all sorts of selection. In the future, such a kaleidoscope of audio objects takes the form of sculptures. Sound collage displays landscapes that we are trying to create with the help of an inside look at convey the image of the external environment, recorded on a cheap digital recorder with disabilities, so the maximum length of the audio recording which at one time only 10 seconds. Recorder can only record 20 audio segments.
Mounted in this album audio fragments are records archive environment, as well as various electronic noises, glued and mounted on the computer and treated with various digital processors.
Lonely steps through the woods, the hum of the aircraft, the crunch and swish digital audio recording, crackling fire…
Files recorded and mounted within two months.

Art Electronix are based in Ukraine in the period 2006-2008.
The project includes two main actors: Eugene and Catherine, playing cross-genre electronic music that can be described as a journey into the depths of minimalism, analog overdrive and electrical digital clicks, howl and crunch capacitors, high voltage transformers buzzing, sometimes suddenly turning into a drum machine mechanically dance rhythm or classic magnifier hip hop bits, and then returning back to the sound of loose vacuum ambient.
Music group released an eclectic and retro-futuristic sounds, the team is constantly working with many Ukrainian and foreign projects and produces various art products in the form of releases, compilations, video collages, physical media, conducts performances, installations, concerts and participates in festivals media arts.
On the band’s work influenced genres such as glitch, noise, idm, ambient, techno, minimalism, break-beat and jungle.
At this stage of the project creativity can be described as the study of different kinds of music created from loops.
Great interest and inspiration cause experiments and reflections on the themes: space, mysticism, catastrophes, computers, programming, field recordings, psychedelia, militarization, mind-machine, electronic musical instruments, their creation and modification, noise- boxes, circuit electronic circuits, unexpected artifacts of sound equipment, all kinds of damage, white noise, crosstalk, distortion, lamp, analog and digital technology.



  1. Intermittence [18:58]

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