Knyaz Mishkin – Songs From Polesia

Catalogue number: HAZE244 | Artist: Knyaz Mishkin | Date: 24/10/2013

Knyaz Mishkin - Songs From Polesia

Live in Azgur Museum, Minsk 17.10.2013

L.Narushevich – guitar
I.Katvickaja – voice
E.Scheklina – violin
E.Shimkus – bas
A.Rybalka – percussion
A.Denisov – didjeridoo, percussion

Polesia (Belarusian:Paleśsie) is a natural and historical region of the Eastern Europe. One of the largest forest areas in Europe, Polesia located in the south-western part of the Eastern-European Lowland, mainly within Belarus and Ukraine but also partly within Poland and Russia. The swampy areas of Polesia are known as the Pripyat Marshes (after the Pripyat River) or Pinsk Marshes (after the major local city of Pinsk).


  1. Songs From Polesia [01:03:00]

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