Borstal Boy – They Gave The Children Drugs

Catalogue number: [HAZE236] | Artist: Borstal Boy | Date: 18/09/2013

Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry is an experimental sound artist based out of Ontario Canada. He likes to explore visceral soundscapes that touch on subjects as dystopian society, nostalgic youth and psychedelic experiences. Peter has also released an E.P. entitled “Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet” out on Deep Lake Records and Haze Records. Peter also has been published for poetry writing about North American Life.

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Dedicated To: Julian, Zahid, Alex, Jillian, Zain, Sahar, Ted, Luke, Katie K. aka Chanteclair, Emily, Other Supporters and My Family.


  1. Acid Eyes [04:17]
  2. Death Walk In Tibet [02:38]
  3. After The Storm [03:13]
  4. Black Eyes [04:57]
  5. They Hung The Architect When The Foundation Crumbled [04:23]
  6. Dreamlover [02:01]
  7. Psychedelic Dreams [04:03]
  8. Fire Fire Fire [03:41]

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