Cagey House – The Room Is In The Wire

Catalogue number: [HAZE209] | Artist: Cagey House | Date: 26/04/2013

[HAZE209] Cagey House - The Room is in the Wire

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005. Some of the music has been been harsh and dark, some of it has been light and melodic, but all of it has been strange, and none of it has fit neatly into any genre or category.

These tracks are like bits of overheard conversations on a subway. The sound is flat and aloof. Everything is available, but nothing is revealed. The casual can sound threatening; the threatening can sound banal. There are moments of emotional honesty, but they are veiled. Meaning is divorced from syntax. A guy plays a metallophone. A blues musician shows off a new amp. Horn players joke around going over a chart. Lots of people are watching, but nobody is in control.


  1. Wire One [06:02]
  2. Wire Two [06:58]
  3. Wire Three [06:27]

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