Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Jack Kerouac

Catalogue number: [HAZE205] | Artist: VA | Date: 10/04/2013

He saw that all the struggles of life were incessant, laborious, painful, that nothing was done quickly, without labor, that it had to undergo a thousand fondlings, revisings, moldings, addings, removings, graftings, tearings, correctings, smoothings, rebuildings, reconsiderings, nailings, tackings, chippings, hammerings, hoistings, connectings — all the poor fumbling uncertain incompletions of human endeavor. They went on forever and were forever incomplete, far from perfect, refined, or smooth, full of terrible memories of failure and fears of failure, yet, in the way of things, somehow noble, complete, and shining in the end. This he could sense even from the old house they lived in, with its solidly built walls and floors that held together like rock: some man, possibly an angry pessimistic man, had built the house long ago, but the house stood, and his anger and pessimism and irritable labourious sweats were forgotten; the house stood, and other men lived in it and were sheltered well in it.
The Town and the City, Jack Kerouac.

About Sound Interpretation project
The HAZE Netlabel presents the project Sound Interpretations. In this project we propose to rethink literary heritage of the 20th century. Over the 2012-2013 years, each month we will release the compilation dedicated to the 12 most outstanding writers of the 20th century.
You can listen to and download our compilations here: Sound Interpretations.


  1. Salt Water Medicine – Hozomeen [05:50]
  2. Kritchev vs. Ban – Generation Beat (№1) [06:45]
  3. Hari Hardman – There Was Nowhere To Go But Everywhere… [02:04]
  4. RoomDark – Pull My Daisy [03:59]
  5. Would-Be Messiahs – Poorboy Shift [11:00]
  6. Massa Ultima feat. Derrick Lambert – To Die In The Dark Star [07:28]
  7. Aortha – Satori [02:09]
  8. Arcane Waves – The Luminous Hobo [04:32]
  9. Daniel Barbiero – 30th Chorus Blues [06:33]
  10. Generation Skweee – Book Of Dreams [07:43]
  11. Subversive Intentions – Nice Fan, Crass Scone [03:25]
  12. Leithal – Beat This [03:05]
  13. Fudgolbets – Inspiration [05:55]
  14. The Fucked Up Beat – Kerouac (Bleeker Street Poems) [03:00]
  15. Luis Antero – (Sound Poem) To Jack Kerouac [03:20]
  16. Lynlee – The Taste Of Rainy Dawn [02:47]

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