Fatal Casualties – Paria

Catalogue number: [HAZE163] | Artist: Fatal Casualties | Date: 13/10/2012

Stefan Ljungdahl & Ivan Hirvonen started the band in Sweden, Stockholm 1986, but they never made any official relaese before they put the band on hold 1991. 2010 Stefan sended Ivan the track “Aim”, mostly as a joke he wrote that “Aim” is Fatal Casualties comeback. This was the startpoint for working on their debut ep.
The debut ep will be released 1st of August (delayed since winter), first in digitalformat, and shortly after also as a very limited physical release. Which the limited format will be, is to date not yet confirmed. And in july they also released a digitalsingle “Glas” with a “b-side track” called “Not for you” (not included in the ep).
To be continued.
Contact: www.fatalcasualties.com, info@fatalcasualties.com


  1. Aim [03:48]
  2. Drifting [03:16]
  3. En Nervkostym [04:15]
  4. Glas [05:49]
  5. >Slippery [03:51]
  6. Toys [04:04]

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