Evgeny Konovalov – Hobby

Catalogue number: [HAZE156] | Artist: Evgeny Konovalov | Date: 12/09/2012


  1. Vospominanie [04:25]
  2. Lenka [03:50]
  3. Bliuz Dlia M.Shejko [08:01]
  4. S Pomoschju Druzej [03:34]
  5. Klassika 3 [03:04]
  6. Duet S E.Otstavnov [02:36]
  7. Albigojskie Tancy [02:35]
  8. Reha Radunicy [05:56]

On the night of 7 to 8 April 2011 in Minsk, musician, poet, scientist Evgeny Konovalov died.
It is called one of the pioneers of rock and roll in Belarus. The first group with Konovalov called “Algorithms” was formed in 1965 on the basis of the Institute of Radio Engineering. In the 68th on “The First Festival Beat ensembles Minsk” “Algorithms” won first place, and Evgeny was the best solo guitarist.
During the 70’s Evgeny Konovalov perform in various formulations, and then went away for two decades in science, where he studied laser physics. In the late 90’s Konovalov again become to perform, recorded a number of albums – from blues to avant-garde. The last time Eugene came on the scene in September 2010.
This release includes records that musician made at home. HAZE Netlabel expresses the respect Evgeny Konovalov.

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  1. Leithal says:

    It’s been a long time since I have *HEARD any guitar. Takes me back a few years.

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