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The stars will show you the way in this unpredictable journey from the land to the distant and previously unknown boundaries of the cosmos. The exciting moments of new discoveries alternate with crushing shocks…


Alex Mason

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Recorded 10-12-2016 in the ‘Dietrich’ Industrial Loft, Viciebsk, Bielarus. Thanks to Maxim Zukau!


Knyaz Mishkin + Viktar Siamashka & Co

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Laurent came two days in Henry’s house, we spend time, speaking, joking, playing music, and the second day we record BEYOND VISIBLE.


Laurent Avizou, GOM
Beyond Visible

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The work was created by Wёska Project in collaboration with artist and musician Nadia Sayapina-Gendruseva.


Wёska Project feat. Nadya

post image

Fake Cats Project was founded by Kirill Makushin, Igor Levshin and Alexei Borisov in January 2015.


Fake Cats Project
Music Laundering Mashine

post image

Written under the impression from the work of the Laboratory Figures Oskar Schlemmer and watching TV programs.


Wёska Project
TV mirror

post image

Main material was recorded 13-08-2016 in the office of Belarusian union of designers, Mensk, Belarus. Thanks to Dzmitry Surski!
Photos are taken from the Barys Rajski family’s archive.


Fantastic Swimmers feat. Philip Palmer
Concerto Grosso #7

post image

Music was recorded the 24 th afternoon, in AUPS. There no cut, it’s live performance, composed and played in the same time.


Bruno Gussoni, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott
Natural Sources

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Recydywysta was conceived as a response to the heat waves, internet buffoonery, night terrors, and organized crime which plagued the northeastern United States in 2015. A missile masquerading as a missive. Recordings developed and produced at the Golgotha studio in Weccacoe, Philadelphia, USA, between June and December of 2015. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is completely intentional.


Golgotha Communications Limited

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The work was created based on a sound interpretation of the Charlie Chaplin film «The Adventurer» (1917). In collaboration with Eugen Rogozin and music project Grind Out (Alexander Mazurkievich).


WЁska Project, Eugen Rogozin, Grind Out
Chaplin Time

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The art of Protecious defies categorization – It stands on the verge of popular culture and contemporary experience, both acknowledging them and laughing at them. It deciphers evil, controversies, horror stories, science fiction, serial killers, organized religions and cults, twisting the ideas and observations into a regurgitated pile of a rainbow pot of gold.


The Gloss On Blood

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This piece of music “Ondapensiero/Formapensiero” fully represent the feelings we share about it and express also the will to define the whole thing like the primal step of an introspective journey through memories and sensations, inspired by that magical location, under the form of an audio description.



post image

Knyaz Mishkin, Viktar Zhybul – 5 Che


Knyaz Mishkin, Viktar Zhybul
5 Che

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Brass-Lines (Frank Wilke – Germany) and No Mates Ensemble (Mat Ward – Australia) met, like everyone these days, via the internet. A shared love of improvisation and experimental music led to the idea of this collaborative recording. Over a period of a few months files were sent back and forth across the hemispheres and this is the result – No rules or boundaries, just the enjoyment of the moment and the love of sound.


Brass-Lines/No Mates Ensemble

post image

Live recorded in hangar in the Belarusian town Rakau. 07 August 2016.


Impro Orq 07 08 2016
Angar. Rakav

post image

Live improvisation performance in Zair Azgur Museum.
Minsk, Belarus. July 9, 2016.


Aortha & Philip Palmer
Chaotic Passage

post image

We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real?


Victor Jouk
Cosmic Voyager

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Jimmy Watt. Santiago based artist. Born July 30, 1975.
For more than 20 years he linked to sound and visual arts (painting). He began as a poet writing in magazines and independent publications at the age of 15 years.


Jimmy Watt
Resurrection Of The Flesh

post image

Wёska Project – AM


Wёska Project

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Vibrations.1, the debut EP from Felix Helix, is a carefully crafted joyride that blurs the lines between noise, ambient and IDM, taking the listener on a journey through time, space and feeling. Dedicated to the transcendental, past present and future.


Vibrations 1

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(…)the frock at her heels
so fetching in prayer.
Unable to pay
for the funeral(…)



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“The Ides of March” brings a new member to dadala: Paul Mimlitsch of Colorado (US), a multi-instrumentalist improviser who dives into the creative process “without intent”. Paul contributes contrabass and bass clarinets, electronics and a metal object to this album, joining core members Erocnet and Loopy C.


The Ides of March

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Led by Riley Theodore and Andre Darius, their long distance collaborations sound like a bunch of avant-garde jazz sculpturs and express a deep feeling of freedom, specific to abstract expressionism to my ears.


Andre Darius & Riley Theodore

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When We Live was founded by Jerry Norton and Kirill Makushin in March 2013. In November 2014 join a new member Igor Levshin.


When We Live
The Abyss

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Following the DaDa nursery rhymes tradition, ʞık uses a band’s title, which can be rendered into other languages only phonetically. The band’s title starts the beat pulsation of their music.



post image

The Swans is a radio documentary devoted to covering a particular topic in some depth. Animals in the wild can display very different vocalizations from those in captivity.


Grande Oceaan
The Swans

post image

The main material were recorded 09/16/2014 in the great hall of the Palace of Arts during stARTup festival (Miensk, Bielarus). Selected compositions were recorded in Miensk bars ‘Tarantino’ and ‘ДК’.


Viktar Siamashka & Co
Karmeluk Suite

post image

This records were made in 2016 in the Racov city folk center and Minsk based Museum of Zair Azgur.
Leonid Narushevich – guitar
Andrey Sherro – laptop
Anton Denisov – winds.


Knyaz Mishkin
My Small Yellow House

post image

Viktar Siamashka – winds, voice, percussion, electroorgan ‘Jem Carousel C-450’, texts;
Dzianis Kudrautsau – guitar, drums.
Recorded 31-10-2015 in the ‘Dietrich’ Industrial Loft, Viciebsk, Bielarus.
Thanks to Maxim Zukau, Andrei Serro, Ales & Volha Siamaska.


V.Siamaška, Dz.Kudraŭtsaŭ

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SaneLIV now works as an acoustics engineer testing mobile device microphones and speakers.


Some Will Be Healed But I Will Refuse

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Waves of sounds are whispered and screamed extracting from the uncommon interaction rhythms, harmonies and melodies. Everything is in eternal motion where each one of the five musicians rotates their roles to emerge from the mass of sound or melt into it.


Miguel Crozzoli, Andrés Elstein, Mauro Biachinelli, Lucas Goicoechea, Pablo Moser

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John McNally is a 26 year old multi-instrumentalist that is inspired by a vast array of influences. His philosophy is very simple. “I create music and send it out into the world, and at the end of the day I am just thankful if people listen to it and enjoy it in some form.”


John McNally
Sea Organ Singing

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New release from Wёska Project – Gray.


Wёska Project

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Cinética: The trio conformed by Bayón, Díaz and Crozzoli found in this recording the inner force of the chaotic and beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Each musician develops in his own language an internal and external communication, between themself and without the self.


Juan Bayón, Miguel Crozzoli, Pablo Díaz

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We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through Helsinki.


Sound Interpretation: Helsinki

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Knyaz Mishkin is a legendary and the eldest Belarusian band played improvised music. The band already exists for 22 years. Its founder, ideological leader and scriptwriter is Leanid Narushevich. The band members’ staff is constantly changing. The band biography embraces many releases and festivals.


Knyaz Mishkin
Not Cold

post image

Live improvisations for Charlie Chaplin’s silent film “The Immigrant” (1917). Recorded 27-05-2015 in the courtyard of Brest Region Philharmonic, except track #2 – recorded 20-05-2015 in the courtyard of Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion, Belarus.


Viktar Siamashka
The Immigrant

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Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc. – Reactive Magnetron Sputtering


Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc.
Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

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dadala’s 33rd release, the album ‘Expanding Talk’ is an eclectic and eccentric tapestry weaving together experimental electro-acoustic improvisation, glitch, avant-garde, ambient, soundscapes, free jazz and poetry.


Expanding Talk

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Jess Lemont (Be a Waterwolf): all real instruments including drums, voice, guitar, bass, mallet percussion, keyboards, xaphoon, etc. Large-scale intricate lace improvisations.
Dave Keifer (Cagey House): virtual instruments, software, etc. Shifty editing, occasional brief embellishments.


Splicey and Tracky
Horses, Horses ... Horses!

FARS was a Golgotha Communications Ltd. sister project, the Afanasievo to GCL’s Yamnaya, which existed from 1997 until 2007, when the name was retired for good. Nevertheless, some very important audio products of ours were released under this moniker, key among which was ‘Körper Wahr’.


Körper Wahr

post image

Live recording in Rakov folklore center. 2015
L.Narushevich – guitar
A. Sherro – flute, percussions
T. Kashkurevich – percussions, cymbal


Knyaz Mishkin

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“Passion for Lafontaine” conceived as a kind of soundtrack to his famous fable, as if Lafontaine was not a poet but a composer. This work is an attempt to adapt the elements of classical music to the modern perception of more sophisticated listener.


Wёska Project
Passion For Lafontaine

post image

Live during the festival 16+ (16.08.2015, Kiev, Ukraine).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop;
Dzmitry Ladzes – laptop.


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

Every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit. Let’s go for a walk through Paris.


Sound Interpretation: Paris

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In 2015, Rachel came back for a short time in Aix en Provence. In July, Rachel, Henry, and Arnold play together, an afternoon in Aups and record this album – RHA.


Rachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott

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This release is a life recording during Yuriy Zmorovych’s performance on experimental music festival 16+ (Kiev, 2015).


Lij Wuyte

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Collaboration with Chinese experimental musician Dickson Dee. It is based on his sounds, a part of ‘Blind Man Tales’ by Gintas Kraptavicius & found sound by Emmanuel Mieville. The starting point was my poem ‘Do You Dream About Me?’. The poem is read by Cheri Gao. It’s a dreamy & sometimes noisy piece of 18 minutes in total.


Peter Wullen
Do You Dream About Me

post image

Recordings made between spring 2006 and spring 2008 at the Golgotha studio in Weccacoe and at the Goat Hole studio(s) in Haddon Hights, New Jersey. All titles priduced by Josip Karpinovic, aided and abetted by Graeco-Norwegian.


Golgotha Communications Ltd.
The Evgenyia Accord

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The second album by Psychic Frequencies. It contains eight tracks. The album is closely related to the group’s previous ‘Projecting Disorder’ release on Test Tube. Both albums were recorded during the same time period and feature a whole array of field recordings, instruments, electronics and programming in the sound.


Psychic Frequencies
Nursed Distractions

post image

The Legend of Belarusian improvised music Knyaz Mishkin accompanies the legendary Belarusian silent film ‘In The Big City’ (1927).


Knyaz Mishkin
In The Big City

post image

This time around all the mixes also feature new dadala member Roger Sundström of Sweden (aka Erocnet) on guitars, drum kit, vocals, ambient ‘scapes and more. Guest contributor Frank Wilke of Germany (aka brass-lines) is featured on three tracks (trumpet and trombone). New dadala member André Darius (France) added bass to one track.



post image

This album is recorded and computed by Slo-Blo at home between end 2014 / early 2015.


Deep Fading

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Viktar Siamashka is a Belarusian poet, broadcaster and musician seeking a synthesis of free jazz, folklore, academic and electronic music. He specializes in a wide range of wind instruments often played with sound effects.


Viktar Siamaška & Сo
Vilnius Axis

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“This album is my sixth in the line, in my experimental project under my name Szentpétery Csaba. I continue the computer music study with third and fourth. This serial is „rational” music.”


Szentpétery Csaba
For The Nonce

post image

Knyaz Mishkin – Golova Mishkina.
10.04.2015, Minsk, Gallery 12.
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Andrei Sherro – laptop.


Knyaz Mishkin
Golova Mishkina

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Golgotha Communications Limited is a Philadelphia-based experimental music unit, founded and fronted in a maze of brick and concrete by a marginally functional former nightclub bouncer named Josef Karpinovic. Active since around the turn of the century, they have issued numerous audio products in various formats on about a dozen different labels.


Golgotha Communications Ltd.
All These Wheels Be One

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Albert Borkent is an ambient artist and experimental sound designer from The Netherlands. “Landship” paints a dream landscape somewhere situated in the Gobi Desert, or elsewhere, the different situations experienced there, the cold, the heat, the lost, the found.


Lingua Lustra

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Orq Improvis – Armenian Dots Door
The release dedicated to Vladimir Banker.


Orq Improvis
Armenian Dots Door

post image

This album describes the post-apocalyptic world, forcing the listener to go to him, feeling every second of music, every moment of history. Each track describes its history, with its tragic end, leading deeper into the world. After listening to the album before the end, you will see the whole story that will leave you a great impression.


Alex Mason
Red Numbers

post image

Soundtrack for the film Sasha (Belgoskino, 1930).
Leonid Narushevich – guitar;
Vladimir Banker – laptop;
Andrey Sherro – laptop, synth.


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.
Let’s go for a walk through New York City.


Sound Interpretation: New York City

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Art-Noise/Dream-Industrial band from Minsk. The Aural Library. We are art-of-noise-psy-dream-industrial band from Minsk, Belarus.
Is a simple music project – ambient experimental lo-fi minimal noise \


Golova & Roomdark

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“Goldkopf” project as a musical composition which was based on the principle of ABC-art.
Compositions based on the principle a combination of sound and color, which was used by artists in the 20s of the last century.


Wёska Project

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Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 20 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing.


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

Fire Under Water & Gil Galad – A Split.
Recorded at Heorot-Home-Studio and The Station, Bergen February – April 2014.


Fire Under Water, Gil Galad
A Split

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Shadows On The Snow is a collaboration band from Sean Monaghan of Venus Vulture and Kendall Keeler of December Nightskies (previously known as Black Winds). Sean Monaghan of Venus Vulture is from New Zealand.


Shadows On The Snow
Electroconvulsive Therapy

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“A certain fondness”, which is also called “Exploding desire”, is a collection of nine sketches about what can happen when the light hits you in just the wrong way.


Golgotha Communications Limited
A Certain Fondness

post image

It was a long way from home. A new home. A colony, far away from Orderaki overlords. Epsilon Eridani, the home of human kind. Their birthplace destroyed, they journeyed far and within time, they have entered the system. Two planets, quite cold, a debris disk of remnant planetesimals and two belts of asteroids. “A beautiful place…”, said Jaroslava Zadiska, captain of the Darius, the sleeper ship…


Lord Havoc
Storm Among Stars Story

post image

December Nightskies is a dark ambient/drone band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA.


December Nightskies
I Have Aspergers And Bipolar

post image

Intuitive improvisation group Knyaz Mishkin has existed since 1991, headed by Leonid Narushevich.
In the team in different times took part dozens of people, including Yury Paulouski and Ivan Kirchuk (Ethno-trio Troitsa), one of the best bassists in Belarus Valery Bashkou, percussionist Alexander Sofiks, keyboardist Yuri Vasilyev, Eugene Poleychuk (Professor Morriarti) and many others. The band depending on the situation may take the form of the duo to sextet.


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

Sasha Raven – Wake Up Call


Sasha Raven
Wake Up Call

post image

We don’t know who Frank was, whom he loved, why he died; Frank chose us or we – him; why it started and when finished. Our sounds have pain, joy, triumph, fear, love, agony, anger, liberation.
Our creativity is far from consciousness. This the direct of stream’s is about source, which we don’t know and don’t want to know.


Dead Frank
The Trip

post image

Cold, boundless Universe vibration in the acoustic spectrum (perceived by the human) will talk about what each of us is. Deep ethnic motives tacitly and uncompromisingly will confirm and demonstrate the connection with the cosmos. It is in each of us. It is what we are.


Tourniquet & Syringe

post image

December Nightskies is a dark ambient/drone band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA.


December Nightskies
Frozen Dreams In The Gravelands

post image

The eleven tracks on this album grew out of extensively processed and arranged improvisations recorded between July and October 2014 in Hattingen and Wuppertal, deep in good old western Germany.


Markus Reineke, Frank Wilke
Dream Incorporation

post image

Second mini-album from Wёska Project. Here the accent is on dub and trip-hop sounding that in some sense it is possible to name authentic, if to compare with pre-product music, and comparing to more “young” genres of music.


Wёska Project
Bez Nazvy

post image

Let’s go for a walk through Reykjavík!
This release is the fifth from Sound Interpretation series dedicated to cities. We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.


Sound Interpretation: Reykjavík

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Miklós is the official follow-up to 2011’s cited White Mother, featuring the concept of deconstructing several compositional stages by which electronic music goes through, blending it with other derivatives of experimentalism such as loud guitar work and infra-sonic glitches.


Nelson P. Ferreira & Rui P. Andrade

post image

Agression makes woman feel guilty, devastated, bad. Be bad, be angry – don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Woman don’t have to be comfortable, silent, guilty for abuser’s violence. Don’t hide yourself: fight – aristically.


Be Angry Not Afraid

Over 30 minutes of pure Noise, delivers the split-collaboration, between american post-industrial musician Praying For Oblivion and austrian noise artist SUPERROR. A brachial journey through sonic extremes.


Praying For Oblivion & SUPERROR

post image

“Dos Situaciones” (Two situations) was recorded and mixed between September and October 2014 somewhere in Mendoza, Argentina.


Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Dos Situaciones

post image

Sonvol is a noise and other weird sounds artist from Slovenia. This is a collection of yet not released stuff.


Collected Unreleased Works

post image

All tracks recorded by David Pitzmann at Heorot-Studios (Salzburg, Austria), in September 2014.
Cover-Artwork by J. Smith.
The Artwork is in the Public Domain.


Gil Galad
The Silence

post image

The album is made in the spirit of the American free jazz 1950–1960’s. The compositions were created spontaneously and collectively, almost without the preceding discussion. The album includes 6 of 8 recorded opus.


Fantastic Swimmers

post image

“Error 404” is a mini-album with the experimental basis, which contains a mix of various electronic sounds: Abstract, Clicks, Glitch, Noise.


Nick R 61
Error 404

post image

Narushevich, Shymkus, Siamashka – Avanscena
Free improvisation.


Narushevich, Shymkus, Siamashka

post image

ZCPAPTT – ZamanChehPetejAmonPatejTjuTejo. It’s a field recording project from Maribor, Slovenia.


Pot Domov Revisited

post image

After a 10th-century World Tree descended, and the red ring that surrounds all of the elements, the Horse also expressed might and power. Thrunk.


Free Variety Theatre with Vasco Morais

post image

This new sound work is plays only sopranino sax in acoustic format. (extended techniques, blows, growls, overtones, guttural voice, altissimos, multiphonics, slaps, timbral textures, circular breathing).


Nino. Only Sopranino Sax

post image

How truth can me deceptive and misleading…


Playing For Oblivion
Disposable Truth

post image

Presenting your attention the rare recording of the cult Belarusian intuitive improvisation band Knyaz Mishkin. The recording was made in 1992.


Knyaz Mishkin
Petin Domik

post image

From Lake Elsinore, California and Namur, Belgium, Monological Terrorist and MBUF share their love for crispy and deep textures, dark ambiances and uncanny melodies. Here’s the result.


Monological Terrorist, MBUF
Converging Evils

post image

The first full-length by SaneLIV for Haze is Adventure Boys, a superhero opera of maximalist idm/electronica. SaneLIV makes art and music in a basement in the suburbs of a Midwestern city in the USA and has contributed to several of the Haze Sound Interpretations compilations.


Adventure Boys

post image

Petej Amon is a noise producer from Slovenia. He works also in some other projects regarding art.


Petej Amon
Noise Psychotic Episodes

post image

‘Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny’ is a document of recordings made in 2009, which was originally issued on recycled cassettes in May of 2010. Now out of print, we felt that it was time to make this release permanently available, in digital form.


Golgotha Communications Limited
Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny

post image

Let’s go for a walk through Shanghai!


Sound Interpretation: Shanghai

post image

Presenting your attention the rare recording of the cult Belarusian intuitive improvisation band Knyaz Mishkin. The recording was made in 1991.


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

This music was undertaken is foremost jazz and psychedelic rock.
These two directions treated through the prism of modern psychedelic electronic music –
illbient, psychedelic dub and certainly through abstract forms that well combine with some types of jazz


Wёska Project
Niemen vs Niemen

post image

Live sound performance from Minsk.


Provolochnyj Chelovek & Deproverst
Graffiti Live

post image

First split to be released between mhzesent and MBUF. These two nordic artists are not that cold and take you to a jourey between sounds collages, chaotic drone-like and some oriental dark ambient.


mhzesent, MBUF
Salò Brain Damaged

post image

This album describes the harmony of the whole environment, where there are no differences of nature and machines, where there is no controversy around the existing one.


Alex Mason

post image

That album inspired by experimental and improvised music is a bunch of solo/duo/trio performances in wich all combinations have been explored. The tracks are short, concise with no blah blah blah, music says what it has to say with no hesitation!


Andre Darius; Paul Mimlitsch; Martin Pozdrowicz

post image

Golgotha Communications Limited are a Philadelphia-based experimental music group, founded in 1996. “Wine, Women and Song Vol. 2” is the second installment of the “Wine, Women and Song” trilogy.


Golgotha Communications
Wine, Women and Song Pt2

post image

7 beats made in 7 days, only with samples.


Bug Powder
One Beat A Day

post image

Let’s go for a walk through Vilnius!
This release is the third from Sound Interpretation series dedicated to cities.
We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit.


Sound Interpretation: Vilnius

post image

Leonid Naruszewicz – guitar
Ivan Kirchuk – voice, ethnic instruments
Uriy Pavlovsky – percussion


Knyaz Mishkin

post image

Cagey House – Queen of Spins


Cagey House
Queen of Spins

post image

Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR – Undervatar EP


Patej, Sonervol, Sonvol, VeDaKR
Undervatar EP

post image

Geotrupidae is a bug, which drags the ball that weighs more than his body. Our illusory essences, all those phantoms which produces our lust, made from the same substance, which has already managed, however, to stone. It would seem so easy to know the truth and be free. But…


Geotrupidae (My Head is Too Big)

post image

Patej – Nemogoče



post image

The words that you steal are the words that you lie with.
The words that you borrow are the words that you expose yourself with.
The words that you bleed are the words that have yet to make sense:
you drown in that, teaching yourself to swim,
you die in that, learning to survive.


Martin Rach
Shores of Bare Lands

post image

It is a foresight and an extra sensory perception borne from the musical experience and ability of both individuals.


Psychic Frequencies
Cut Ups And Fold Ins

post image

Mescaline Sessions project is a collaboration between Meho and Ned, from Bosnia and Hercegovina. It is the first album we collaborated on before that we have been only working on some tracks together.


Desert Visions
Mescaline Sessions

post image

Soundtrack To MKCK Dream is an hour long collage of takes, tapes, bits of soundtracks. It Was created in 2010 from the bits of sounds that were firstly ment for the promotion of movie nights in local youth centre in Kranj, Slovenia, Europe.


Soundtrack To MKCK Dream

post image

2010 EDIT is a compilation album by Sonvol, experimental music producer and author from Slovenia. It was compiled in 2010 and yet not published outside Sonvols internet archive on Internet Archive.


2010 Edit

post image

Within the 26th century, Earth colonized the Solar system. Millions lived upon other moons and planets capable of supporting life. Space stations were filled with miners, scientists and security. Pirates brought much conflict into the system of Solis, until at the end of 26th century, invasion of the alien powers brought the end to the conflicts between Humans.


Lord Havoc
The Last Solar Storm

post image

Misplaced sounds – found and incorporated. Reach out, digitally. Or new, creation. Each part recorded at a different moment in time. One made after another. Traded; back and forth, and forth. Collated. Acoustic interaction from afar. Stuck back together; layered up, up, up! And forth?


Trimensic Viewing Co.
Photorealistic Distortion

post image

Let’s go for a walk through Berlin!


Sound Interpretation: Berlin

post image

Collettivo Androgino is a collective of extemporary music born in 2010. We perform a musical making of in a very real time.


Collettivo Androgino
When Ears And Mind Unite

post image

Knyaz Mishkin & Roomdark – Two In The Cube


Knyaz Mishkin & Roomdark
Two In The Cube

post image

Beli Šum – Mono Scarves


Beli Šum
Mono Scarves

post image

Morphine Bandit – Overview of Virgin Territories


Morphine Bandit
Overview of Virgin Territories

post image




post image

Soundtrax for Our Future Empire is an exceptional musical cooperation incomparable to anything else in history of the popular music, or indeed any of its alternatives.


Soundtrax for Our Future Empire
United States of Imperial Korea

post image

Kikiriki – Kikiriki



post image

Viktar Siamaška & Kumpanija – Źnianacku


Viktar Siamaška & Kumpanija

post image

Petej Amon – Podzemlje


Petej Amon

post image

We mean something, broken into pieces, fragments. Applies to audio it is a set of files that are stored on your hard disk, sorted, fragmented, amenable to all sorts of selection.


Art Electronix

post image

Musical triptych dedicated to the Belarusian group of intuitive improvisation Knyaz Mishkin.


Aortha, Generation Skweee, Roomdark

post image

Herse – 1



post image

Let’s go for a walk through Minsk!


Sound Interpretation: Minsk

post image

Szaman Cheh – Documents


Szaman Cheh

post image

The three tracks featured are excerpts from a longer, single-take improvisation.


Free Variety Theatre
Galactic Anatomy

post image

Tju Tejo – As Ga Men Uzeu


Tju Tejo
As Ga Men Uzeu

post image

Zaman Cheh – Crap Remixes


Zaman Cheh
Crap Remixes

post image

Bojim Se, Da Se Bom Razpočil



post image

Schelkino is named after Kirill Shchelkin, a Soviet physicist. Originally the town was constructed in 1978 to house workers of the Crimean Atomic Energy Station.


Kritchev vs. Ban meets Roomdark

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Current work can be considered as improvisation from listener’s point of view (but with incremental material), which potentially reduces a distance between musician and audience.


Stanislav Bobrytskyy, Frank Wilke, André D., Henner Gräf
Diary of a Dissident

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Szaman Amon – New Honey K 1 & 2


Szaman Amon
New Honey K 1 & 2

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“Stari Kolaži” is a compilation of sounds. They are the document of a certain time. Created abaou 5 years ago.


Stari Kolaži

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Sonervol from Slovenia present his XXX adventures.


XXX Noise Tapes

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It’s a journey through multiple levels of consciousness as well as a physical journey compared to the life of a bug.


Dali's Aardvark
A Journey: I-III

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This is the musical triptych from three Belarusian sound artists. Musical compositions were created based on the sounds of the Lviv.


Aortha, Generation Skweee, Roomdark

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Free Audio Rape is a collection of three pop remixes. Those remixes were created with the mobile phone, dictaphone and ShoutCast aplication on the Winamp and internet radio.


Zaman Cheh
Free Audio Rape

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Krisna Kitchen is a noise worship of Krisna. It was recordes in 2010 in local youth centre in Kranj, Slovenia


Krisna Kitchen

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Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry is an experimental sound artist based out of Ontario Canada.


Borstal Boy
Reflections From A Digital Heaven

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voice, improvised tuba, ceramic mayan flutes, moog synth, objects, all composition, modulation and mastering by Cohen Ris.


Cohen Ris
Ur Mur / Kor Ver

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Polesia is a natural and historical region of the Eastern Europe. One of the largest forest areas in Europe.


Knyaz Mishkin
Songs From Polesia

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Their music has been described as psych-folk, strange and forbidding, sorrowful and “present day avant-garde blend of post-modern orchestration and Gregorian chant.”


Lost Harbours
From Beyond

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Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry makes music that sounds like an audio recall of a drug fuelled dream.


Borstal Boy
Beyond The Horizon Of The 12th Dimension

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“In memory of A.Strelnikoff” is a compilation of unreleased tracks. However, this is not just a compilation, but the full-length album. The album, which we would like to devote to the outstanding person – Alexander Strelnikoff. Eternal memory!


In memory of A.Strelnikoff

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VeDaKR is a tape recorder and noise producer from the fictional place of Pred Osle, somewhere in Europe.


Zakaj Se To Vrti

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Are you ready to walk in the Roomdark’s footsteps on the lakeside?



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Fuck norms, let’s unfuck the music and let’s put it out for a little run.


Bloqueos, APF
Lawlz² Split

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Kritchev vs. Ban – Dedication to Ernest Hemingway (Mixed)


Kritchev vs. Ban
Dedication to Ernest Hemingway (Mixed)

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Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry is an experimental sound artist based out of Ontario Canada. He likes to explore visceral soundscapes that touch on subjects as dystopian society, nostalgic youth and psychedelic experiences.


Borstal Boy
They Gave The Children Drugs

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Generation Skweee invites you to make a rapid journey through the pages of books and get to the concrete music interspersed with techno-methods.


Generation Skweee

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Lo-Fi Acoustic Beats from Ohio/ New York City. Music for fields.


Fields of Ohio
Reminiscent of Factories

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SiJ & RMSS Systems Inc. – Incorporated Ambit of Lifeless Space


SiJ, RMSS Systems Inc.
Incorporated Ambit of Lifeless Space

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Aortha is a sound project of Dzmitry Ladzes from Belarus. In his sound experiments Dzmitry use only the field recording material. Choir of the crowd, symphony of the urban transport and sighs of the wind – his main methods.



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Borstal Boy aka Peter McNestry makes music that sounds like an audio recall of a drug fuelled dream.


Borstal Boy
Perspectives From The Medicine Cabinet

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Noosign is the experimental music project of Alistair Stray.


All Blues Fades

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Martin Rach Schizoduo – Edge of the Land


Martin Rach Schizoduo
Edge of the Land

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Highpower – Прог Кач


Прог Кач

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Gilbert Ramos – Strange Fog


Gilbert Ramos
Strange Fog

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Experimental, soundscapes, noise, power electronics, ambient project from Belgium and abstract Noise duo from Spain.


Mister Bare Uncle Feces, Hinyouki
Ivan Groznyii

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Industrial noise project Проволочный Человек appeared in Minsk, 2012.


Проволочный Человек

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British experimental duo Das Sombreros and French improviser André D. are commemorating 108 years of the Entente Cordiale with a trio of ‘paranoiac collages’.


Das Sombreros & André D.
In Red Weather

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EP from Italian pianist Andrea Carri.


Andrea Carri

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Lord Havoc is a (dark) ambient artist from Slovenia. His ambition to make music comes from life, experimentation, science fiction and other things.


Lord Havoc
Nuclear War

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Diabolical Device is the improvised rhythmic noise project of David Prescott-Steed, a sound artist, field recordist, and writer living in Melbourne, Australia.


Diabolical Device
Unprepared Non-Music

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DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING PEPTIDE (DSIP) was founded in 1989 by Dieter Mauson + Siegmar Fricke and exclusively concentrates on the realisation of experimental + subtle soundtracks which can be described as mind-cinema of the subconscious.


Delta-Sleep-Inducing Pertide

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Snowfeeder – Unknown Extent


Unknown Extent

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The track was recorded at alg-a lab, Vigo, Spain in 2012 and is a free improvisation for cello, electronics and objects.


Carlos Suarez, 23RedAnts, MDMME

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Knyaz Mishkin, Yury Yaremchuk – Krach-Dach


Knyaz Mishkin, Yury Yaremchuk

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Its our expressions of feelings thru music. All tracks were recorded by using an acoustic piano.


The World In Different Perspective

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Live at festival of improvisation musik AGA, Minsk, 2013



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These tracks are like bits of overheard conversations on a subway. The sound is flat and aloof. Everything is available, but nothing is revealed.


Cagey House
The Room Is In The Wire

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An ambient, dronescape sounds that inspired by our daily lives.


Anna Ambient
Eastern Lights & Hollow (EP)

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Lord Havoc – Space Emotions EP


Lord Havoc
Space Emotions EP

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Kreazot-Maks combines such musical genres as dark ambient, noise, industrial. He prefers composing music only by himself but nevertheless there are some other projects with his partaking.


Проволочный Человек, Kreazot-Maks, Dark Flow
Строить на песке

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They went on forever and were forever incomplete, far from perfect, refined, or smooth, full of terrible memories of failure and fears of failure.


Sound Interpretations — Dedication To Jack Kerouac

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They tell themselves so many little lies, my beloved. Now wait, little one-we cant sing. We are standing in a crowd, by a bridge, in the west.


Fields of Ohio
(fields of ohio)

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Knyaz Mishkin & Jan Bederman – Live. Museum of Zair Azgur. Minsk. 2013


Knyaz Mishkin, Jan Bederman
Live. Museum of Zair Azgur. Minsk. 2013

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Clayton Alpha – Delirium Vultures


Clayton Alpha
Delirium Vultures

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VeDaKR-Pred Osle


Pred Osle

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Best enjoyed with headphones.


Matthew Barlow

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Journey through space in an industrial design during 3 hours. Dronescape, noise, as well as astronaut’s talks perfectly complement the atmosphere of banal day.


Alex Tiar
Space Exploration

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Ludwik Zamenhof is one-man music project from Poland. It is a electronic music with elements noise, hum, clicks and different interrupt-sound.


Ludwik Zamenhof
новые мелодии

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Sonvol as a project started in 2007. All the noise was created on a home computer, maybe with dictaphone for a source of noise, boombox.


Troubled Days

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In 1931 Cornelius Rhoads, also of the Rockefeller Institute, claimed to have injected cancer cells into Puerto Ricans.


The Fucked Up Beat
Roswell Radio Cult

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Xtematic/Total E.T. – Abstract Variations


Xtematic, Total E.T.
Abstract Variations

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“The plastic heart pendulum quartet” is the virtual meeting of four strong personalities, Paul Mimlitsch (USA), Frank Wilke (Germany), Vasco Morais (Portugal) Andre D. (France).


The Plastic Heart Pendulum Quartet
The Plastic Heart Pendulum Quartet

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Una Lee is a sound artist, always in pursuit of found sound, sometimes traveling around the world and usually living in South-Korea.


Una Lee
Grainy Thought

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Thought and impulse are the two intertwined entities that create action. The action is the byproduct of the thought and impulse directly and/or indirectly.



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Julio Gutierrez started to make some electronic music around the 2005, after to run the world DJ in 2002 on clubs in his city.


Julio Gutierrez
Greating Forms And Shapes

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Марс-96 – супергруппа, образованная осенью 2011 года участниками небезызвестных петербургских коллективов: Wozzeck, Бензольные Мертвецы, Padla Bear Outfit.


Live at Dada club

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Legendary belarusian founding fathers of the movement “No Music No Instruments” and produced once 6 releases on “Open Circuit” of Staalplaat.


Kritchev vs. Ban
Working Title

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The first in dedications series by zvuuk. All sounds were taken from Dave Phillips IIII CD release. Sound manupulations by zvuuk.


For Dave

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Project Planet N / Stereo N was created for investigating of stay of extraterrestrial essences on a planet Earth by means of music.


Planet N

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emptywhale – That Grey Place We Go


That Grey Place We Go

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There’s a drift into objectlessness and dissolution in these sounds, and urgo into nonexistence or transformation into a higher existence-form?


December Nightskies
Cold Water

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polyChromatic – CMYK Banana


CMYK Banana

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Coaxil – Voltaic



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Winterbound – Dark December


Dark December

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Cборник экспериментов со звуком и всем остальным начиная с обычного шума, и заканчивая искажением записей разнообразного происхождения.



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Clash of Weapons is a avant-garde experimental group founded in the U.S. late 2009.


Clash of Weapons
Kireina Hana

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Rotten Fruits – Standard


Rotten Fruits

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A sound project by Eddie Palmer of New York, NY and Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA created in October 2011.


The Fucked Up Beat
Threnodies for Schizophrenic Seas

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StruKtur – A100blage



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this place isn’t my home i miss the times of old where did everything go i miss you i need you i love you i’m so sad those times are gone they flew away


December Nightskies
Leaving Earth To Live In Space

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Some Asian Females Bodybuilders (SAFBB) is a Crypt Vihara`s ambientnoise project from Madrid (Spain).


Some Asian Females Bodybuilders
Aki Nishimoto

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Группа «Алгоритмы» была создана в 1965 году на базе Минского Радиотехнического института. В её состав вошли гитаристы Евгений Коновалов и Петр Верлыго, басист Игорь Крупенин, клавишник Вячеслав Ксендзов, барабанщик Михаил Голод и вокалист Лэнхард Ёжэф Томас.



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Earwax – Earbeat



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Music has to do with sounds, so we need to find them somewhere and it is preferred to find musical ones. You have two sources for sounds: noises, which always tell you something — a door cracking, a dog barking, the thunder, the storm; and then you have instruments.



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Psychetropica is a collection of several demos recorded in September of 2012. These tracks are primarily conceptual discussions on the mechanical and the dream-like.



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Stefan Ljungdahl & Ivan Hirvonen started the band in Sweden, Stockholm 1986, but they never made any official relaese before they put the band on hold 1991.


Fatal Casualties

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Podalida is a place which never existed. This atlantic island was discovered by two venetian brothers, Nicoló and Antonio Zeno in the other half of the 14th century during their voyages to the northern regions of Europe.


Podalida Island

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Now the lord once decided to set off for the mountain where the man lives; Lord Gilgameš decided to set off for the mountain where the man lives.


Noizov Kov4eg
Monotract Purpurnoj Voronki

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This work work consists of three three-way partinioned (or three raised to the power of three) movements.


Martin Rach

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This is a duo of two legends of Belarusian underground. Vlad Buben and Knyaz Mishkin recorded this release during live performances at Alcatraz club and InTouch festival.


Buben, Knyaz Mishkin

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Wallwerk created in early 2011 and consists of one participant. Noise ambient based on a sound collage of field recordings.



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On the night of 7 to 8 April 2011 in Minsk, musician, poet, scientist Evgeny Konovalov died.


Evgeny Konovalov

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TRACKLIST: Sini Perac live [26:53] Club Loft live (with Vassily K) [27:33] May Prauda [13:32] Knyaz Mishkin – Usialiakaje Belarusian band of intuitive improvization Knyaz Mishkin exists for more than 21 years. Its founder and leader is a guitarist Leanid Narushevich. The accompanying musicians are constantly changing. Free improvisation, Intuitive improvisation DOWNLOAD *.ZIP If you think our work […]


Knyaz Mishkin

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Alex_Tiar is a one-man project from Belarus. It has been started in 2010 in attempt to create something new in ambient way and to gain experience in some related genres such as IDM, industrial, glitch.


Banflt Vea Wind

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Raw N^D – Untitled


Raw N^D

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I’m a Composer-Multi Instrumentalist-Computer Music Programmer. A Chicago native, I’m currenty based in Cincinnati, where I’m finishing up a Doctorate in Composition


Diving Bell
Diving Bell

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Leithal based in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland. Making music for a few years.



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Experimental electronic and Skweee elements grappled together in this release and formed an unique combination of Scandinavian coldness, fiery beats and crackling old records.


Generation Skweee
The First Album

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Aortha constructs music from sounds of the surrounding world. Clicks, squeaks, noises of the space that surrounds the artist handled a variety of effects.



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Letzte Ausfahrt Leben (L.A.L in short) was founded in August 2008 to express new musical Ways and turning my deepest Feelings inside out.


Letzte Ausfahrt Leben

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Since the early ’90s, Kritchev and Ban dabbled in home-taping (and also engaged in collecting and listening to all kinds of music), and later joined forces for joint action.


Kritchev vs. Ban, The Egg And We
Modernists Attack!

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There is a city whose environment is the sound, a city where the noise is permanent, where the noise is traffic sound.


Uma Totoro
Aparatos que Median Entre la Realidad y el Hombre

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Winterbound is a solo project which explores the textures of Ambient and Electronic music.


Enveloped By The Shadow Of Darkness

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Kritchev vs. Ban, taking as a basis the principle of no music / no instruments, essentially positioned themselves as amateurs, non-musicians who use their love to the sounds and the easiest ways of sound as a starting point of his “creative” activity.


Kritchev vs. Ban
Dedication to Knyaz Mishkin

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Formed in 2011, emptywhale are a dark ambient outfit recording and producing organic, edgey soudscapes that challenge the listener to find their own way through the sonic wastelands.



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Amnesty International has called for the members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, jailed last month for their protest against Vladimir Putin, to be released immediately.


Dedication to Pussy Riot

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Geometry: Narushevich-Semashko-Polejchuk-Kravchenko, Moscow, ‘Bread’ club, 2.12.2011


Knyaz Mishkin

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Using this these compositions in Dj sets, podcasts, radio shows your support Rodzin’s and Tacheles’ s struggle against injustice of banks actions!


Stop Bank fascism in Germany!

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Knyaz Mishkin – Zachęta (feat Ben Cope)


Knyaz Mishkin, Ben Cope

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Karaoke Vomit – The First


Karaoke Vomit
The First

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Raccoon_7 – Digital Pain


Digital Pain

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Grind Out – Historia Naturalis (EP)


Grind Out
Historia Naturalis (EP)

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Xaverr (aka Alex Coostoff) – Synthetyc Flovers Love


Xaverr (aka Alex Coostoff)
Synthetyc Flovers Love

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Evgeny Konovalov – The Way


Evgeny Konovalov
The Way

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Alexaziz is a moniker adopted by the Belarusian Minsk-based musician Aleksei Malakhov for his first solo album, which he recorded during his year-long stay in Saudi Arabia.


Alexaziz Al-Hawwazi
Saudi Suite

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Knyaz Mishkin & Dzmitry Strocau – Perypetyi


Knyaz Mishkin, Dzmitry Strocau

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RoomDark, Aortha – Tree


RoomDark, Aortha

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October 29-30, 1937 executions in Belarus refers to a mass extermination of Belarusian writers, artists and statespeople by Communist authorities.


Knyaz Mishkin, V.Zhybul, V.Burlak
Night With The Day In The Middle

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Raw N^D – Made In The Vacuum

[HAZE 128]

Raw N^D
Made In The Vacuum

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Started in 1984 as a one-man project. Industrial, electronic, multimedia, improvisation and assosiation are the keywords.

[HAZE 127]

Zombies Under Stress
Soul Sniper

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Buben vs Volha Hapeyeva

[HAZE 126]

vs Volha Hapeyeva

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Koin Nockio – Are deadly balance ReEDIT

[HAZE 125]

Koin Nockio
Are deadly balance ReEDIT

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Cerebrosus – Supreme Art Of Illusion

[HAZE 124]

Supreme Art Of Illusion

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Hesychia, Infinitum – [child] (Split)

[HAZE 123]

Hesychia, Infinitum

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Art-project "?!" – Sespliting

[HAZE 122]

Art-project "?!"

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EXIT TO EXIST is experimental music project from Minsk, Belarus. It was created in 2007 by Vitovt & Unsound Of Mind.

[HAZE 121]

Exit To Exist
Splashing Plates Of Morning

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Mnogo Neb & Strelnikoff – Autumn In Me

[HAZE 120]

Mnogo Neb, Strelnikoff
Autumn In Me

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Aortha, RoomDark, Spit it Out vs. Volha Hapeyeva

[HAZE 119]

Aortha, RoomDark, Spit it Out
vs. Volha Hapeyeva

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[N.K.72] – 09080710

[HAZE 118]


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TRACKLIST: Intro Phobic Gate Black Soma Disappearing Exit Sonic Tears Drone For Crow Methempsychotic Octopus Cold Digital Ultraparanoic Happiness Free download from Archive If you think our work meaningful, we would be grateful for any help: tell your friends about us, share our releases in social networks, comment here – we welcome your feedback and […]


Subnormal Electric Dreams

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А.Бескровный & А.Стрельников – Zov


А.Бескровный, А.Стрельников

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Mnogo Neb – Step


Mnogo Neb

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Cerebrosus – Open Your Fear


Open Your Fear

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Captan, Obvio – Die Captan, Obvio Die


Captan, Obvio
Die Captan, Obvio Die

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Hatori Yumi – Parallel


Hatori Yumi

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Deep Frozen Lands & [N.K.72] – The North Sector Of Fourth Level


Deep Frozen Lands, [N.K.72]
The North Sector Of Fourth Level

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Animal Machine – Roasted Cockroaches (Cyclic Evolution 3.3)


Animal Machine
Roasted Cockroaches (Cyclic Evolution 3.3)

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Knyaz Mishkin – Krakatook


Knyaz Mishkin

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Troublemaker – Coredozzer



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Cerebrosus – Space Redemption


Space Redemption

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Ellaim – Water



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Ellaim – Earth



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Ellaim – The Fire


The Fire

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Ellaim – Air



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Spit it Out – In Touch


Spit it Out
In Touch

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Sean Derrick Cooper Marguard – Sing Song

[HAZE 099]

Sean Derrick Cooper Marguard
Sing Song

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Mikra – Shammy Essence

[HAZE 098]

Shammy Essence

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[J]Endo – Its My Happy Pain

[HAZE 096]

Its My Happy Pain

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Canoply Games – Post-Music #2

[HAZE 095]

Canoply Games
Post-Music #2

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Organism – Cinema



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Dubkillazz – Morning Push


Morning Push

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[N.K.72] – Метро



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Князь Мышкин – Примитивная Память Носа


Князь Мышкин
Примитивная Память Носа

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Kein – sicksicksick



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Infinitum – Izamna



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The alboum “Quiet Cube” is a live concert recording, that have been played on a performance of buto theatre “ODDdance”.


Noises Of Russia
Quiet Cube

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Цепь Мандрагоры – The Energy Of Suffering And Control


Цепь Мандрагоры
The Energy Of Suffering And Control

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The recording was performed in early October 2009 – 20 years after the disappearance of Berlin Wall from the map of Europe.


Buben, N.Labada, Aortha
The Wall Of Rain

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Sasha Strelnikoff – The Urban Landscapes


Sasha Strelnikoff
The Urban Landscapes

post image

Roomdark – Sahor



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Letzte Ausfahrt Leben – Ewigkeit


Letzte Ausfahrt Leben

post image

Infinitum – Eosophobia



post image

Buben vs. Herman Muntzing – Being


Buben vs. Herman Muntzing

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Aortha – Berlin Without You


Berlin Without You

post image

Knyaz Mishkin – Zheko


Knyaz Mishkin

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Faustino Goyena is the artistic denomination of both Nicolas L. Gago and his noise project, created in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2005.


Faustino Goyena
De Neatins

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YMI – There Is No Exit


There Is No Exit

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Nick R 61 – =)

[HAZE 075]