Bruno Gussoni, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott – Natural Sources

Catalogue number: HAZE387 | Artist: Bruno Gussoni, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott | Date: 31/10/2016

Bruno Gussoni, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott - Natural Sources


Bruno Gussoni has been performing improvised music since the second half of the ’60s. Initially he was influenced by Ornette Coleman and the free jazz musicians, and by creative musicians of the Chicago area; during that period he played with Don Cherry, Wadada Leo Smith, Jeanne Lee and others. Later he began to practice total improvisation playing with many radical improvisers from all the world.

His main instruments are the flutes (Piccolo, C flute, G alto flute, Bass flute), used to create a unique and personal language producing experimental flute sounds. He is not interested in the use of the flutes as “academic instruments”, he has given up on traditional techniques in favour of extended techniques like un-pitched breaths, multiple sounds, harmonics, overtones, whispers, microtones, keys percussion, and other sounds, all combined with breath, silence, soundscapes… exploring the acoustic possibility of the flutes, in the sound space and in relation with other improvisers.

Music was recorded the 24 th afternoon, in AUPS. There no cut, it’s live performance, composed and played in the same time.

Bruno Gussoni: Flutes
Henry Koek: Batterie, Percussions, Saxophones, Voix, divers
Arnold Cabott: Guitare, Objets, Voix


  1. Innersound of Plants [09:40]
  2. New Areas [19:04]
  3. The Eye of Eternity [12:32]
  4. Signal from Far [20:05]


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