Brass-Lines/No Mates Ensemble – Vectors

Catalogue number: HAZE381 | Artist: Brass-Lines/No Mates Ensemble | Date: 18/09/2016

 Brass-Lines/No Mates Ensemble - Vectors


Brass-Lines (Frank Wilke – Germany) and No Mates Ensemble (Mat Ward – Australia) met, like everyone these days, via the internet. A shared love of improvisation and experimental music led to the idea of this collaborative recording. Over a period of a few months files were sent back and forth across the hemispheres and this is the result – No rules or boundaries, just the enjoyment of the moment and the love of sound.

Brass-Lines – trumpet, trombone, sound
No Mates Ensemble – digital instrumentation, percussion
Recorded April-September 2015

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  1. Forests of Mt. Koya [03:06]
  2. Small Escapes [03:03]
  3. Strolling With a Young Poodle [03:11]
  4. Backwards Night [02:55]
  5. Strolling With an Old Poodle [02:59]
  6. Closing In [02:11]
  7. The Wrong Dream [06:47]


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