Jimmy Watt – Resurrection Of The Flesh

Catalogue number: HAZE376 | Artist: Jimmy Watt | Date: 31/07/2016

Jimmy Watt - Resurrection Of The Flesh


Jimmy Watt. Santiago based artist.
Born July 30, 1975.

For more than 20 years he linked to sound and visual arts (painting). He began as a poet writing in magazines and independent publications at the age of 15 years.

While realizing the limitations of the written word explore the sound and the visual arts. His first approaches to the sound was 15 years with a double cassette deck Technics in which copied tape loops and also with an organ.

According to the same artist, his sound work “does not consider it music” but rather a constant investigation of the limits of sound and sound recordings man-made and saved by history.

His methodology is the sampling of sources and sound recordings and editing of digital and analog sonic layer. Building unique and long tracks by way of conceptual narration of topics as diverse as the mystery, occultism, religions, the silence, death, transmutation and anguish of time.


  1. ROF [12:53]


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