Felix_Helix – Vibrations.1

Catalogue number: HAZE374 | Artist: Felix_Helix | Date: 24/07/2016

Felix_Helix - Vibrations 1


Felix Helix is a project producing dreamlike, emotive and experimental electronic music using a variety of sampled, found and synthesised sounds.

Vibrations.1, the debut EP from Felix Helix, is a carefully crafted joyride that blurs the lines between noise, ambient and IDM, taking the listener on a journey through time, space and feeling.

Dedicated to the transcendental, past present and future.

Comments/flowers/love/hate to:

Thanks to: Arnd, Andrei, Digital Vomit, Dzimitry, Henry and you for listening.
Preliminary mastering work and EP description by Andre Johnson.


  1. Intro [00:21]
  2. La Izquierda [05:11]
  3. 4-27 [05:56]
  4. Angelus [05:39]


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