dadala – The Ides of March

Catalogue number: HAZE372 | Artist: dadala | Date: 22/06/2016

dadala - The Ides of March


The Ides of March brings a new member to dadala: Paul Mimlitsch of Colorado (US), a multi-instrumentalist improviser who dives into the creative process “without intent” (which resonates nicely with dadala’s ways!). Paul contributes contrabass and bass clarinets, electronics and a metal object to this album (including overdubs performed to dadala mixes-in-progress, and already existing recordings assimilated by dadala), joining core members Erocnet (aka Roger Sundström, from Sweden: guitars, drum kit, keyboard, ukulele) and Loopy C (aka Chris R. Gibson of the US: programming/coding/processing: rhythmic/percussive concoctions, soundscapes, virtual improvisations, etc.). A trombone recording from Frank Wilke of Germany is also featured on one track. The album achieves a special electro-acoustic atmosphere that resists description by genre and especially spotlights the instrumental talents and creative imagination of Mimlitsch and Erocnet.

dadala is a uniquely configured international online ensemble blurring boundaries between improvisation and collage, serendipity and manipulation, intentional and arbitrary, familiar and strange. Featuring the digital and electro-acoustic wizardry of Chris R. Gibson (aka Loopy C), along with a core group of members contributing new material, existing recordings and overdubs, dadala blends instrumental improvisation with a vast landscape of sounds, ideas and techniques. Edited, arranged/mixed/remixed and produced by RDunlap. For more info:


  1. The Ides [05:32]
  2. Moving Parts [05:04]
  3. Surface Tension [06:35]
  4. Fear Of Haystacks [04:40]
  5. Talk About The Whether [04:58]
  6. Trouble In Section X [04:55]
  7. At The Leaving Star Lounge [06:59]
  8. Euclids Ukulele [03:57]
  9. March [04:07]
  10. The Bush Organ [05:36]
  11. Preaching To The Choir [04:17]

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