Andre Darius & Riley Theodore – Recombinations

Catalogue number: HAZE371 | Artist: Andre Darius & Riley Theodore | Date: 15/06/2016

Andre Darius & Riley Theodore - Recombinations


This release is about 8 musicians based in 6 coutries on 3 continents.
Led by Riley Theodore (USA) and Andre Darius (France), their long distance collaborations sound like a bunch of avant-garde jazz sculpturs and express a deep feeling of freedom, specific to abstract expressionism to my ears.
Hard to believe those tracks are resulting from an exchange of datas, so acoustic texture, artists’ bodies and breathing are tangible here.
Certainly “recombinations” is a collective effort that deserves to be listened to carefully.

Riley Theodore (USA) – guitar, objects, metal percussion
Andre Darius (France) – acoustic bass guitar, glockenspiel
Abby Barrett (USA) – viola
Weronika Partyka (Slovenia) – saxophone
Free Variety Theatre (U.K) : Alex Cutteridge – trumpet, digital percussion, guitar / Dan Moschopoulos – piano
Mat Ward (AUS) – tuba, percussion, piano
Frank Wilke (GER) – trombone


  1. Secret Sputnik (with Abby Barrett) [:]
  2. RADWA (with Weronika Partyka & Free Variety Theatre) [:]
  3. Pepper Jelly (with Mat Ward) [:]
  4. Mondrian (with Frank Wilke) [:]

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