When We Live – The Abyss

Catalogue number: HAZE370 | Artist: When We Live | Date: 10/06/2016

When We Live - The Abyss


When We Live was founded by Jerry Norton and Kirill Makushin in March 2013. In November 2014 join a new member Igor Levshin.
Years Active : 2013 – 2015

Music by Kirill Makushin(1,2) / Alexander Wieser (1) / Jerry Norton (1,2)

Sounds and Effects by Jerry Norton (1,2) and Kirill Makushin (1,2)
Electric Guitar by Alexander Wieser (1)
Keyboard By Alexander Wieser (1)
Synthesizer by Kirill Makushin (1,2)
Accordion by Kirill Makushin (1,2)
Synth by Jerry Norton (1,2)
Final Mix by Alexander Wieser (1)
Mixed by Jerry Norton (1,2)
Mastered by Jerry Norton (1,2)

Summer – Autumn 2014

Cover By Jerry Norton


  1. The Abyss (Feat. Alexander Wieser) [02:14]
  2. The Abyss (Album Version) [02:14]

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