saneLIV – Some Will Be Healed But I Will Refuse

Catalogue number: HAZE364 | Artist: saneLIV | Date: 25/01/2016

saneLIV - Some Will Be Healed But I Will Refuse

SaneLIV now works as an acoustics engineer testing mobile device microphones and speakers.


He crossed the border
bound for the village where they say
the devil tempts men.
the hill with three towers
There’s a cult of wailing women
who make engravings
for tourists.
Our man is agnostic,
secular humanist.

Bad hotels spread out by the creek.
To the hill itself, people don’t go.
He decided it was hot by the creek
and stripped down to his underclothes.
He parts the brush
the national anthem in his head.
Down the middle of the water,
beauties are marching.
Across the stream, it’s spring.
The youth on the other side says,
“I am the Lord your God.
Cross the river, carry your cross.”
The trip was agonizing.
Distance widened with every step.
But the creek could not suck him in.

He stopped before the other side.
“What a perfect image of God.
To concieve of something so evil,
you must be the Devil.”
Suddenly drained of strength and intelligence –
“I’ll have to quit Mensa.
It’s taking the thrill out of this.
It’s taking my will.”
He woke in a hotel room.
It became a friend
whose giddy moods and anguish
he would never understand.
Later he saw a bracelet
on a pretty village girl.
“I was a pawn in their game.”
he told the world


  1. Dorsey Fractal Zoom [01:00]
  2. These Are Her Untamed Moves [02:25]
  3. I’m Not Afraid Of The Unknown [02:09]
  4. I Still Suffer For My Politics [01:13]
  5. You Think You’ll Meet That Texas Ghost [09:13]
  6. Species Morph [07:13]
  7. Those Days We Were Growing And Dangerous [07:30]
  8. Fast Sound Moog [00:31]

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