Juan Bayón, Miguel Crozzoli, Pablo Díaz – Cinética

Catalogue number: HAZE360 | Artist: Juan Bayón, Miguel Crozzoli, Pablo Díaz | Date: 22/12/2015

Juan Bayón, Miguel Crozzoli, Pablo Díaz - Cinética

Cinética: The trio conformed by Bayón, Díaz and Crozzoli found in this recording the inner force of the chaotic and beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Each musician develops in his own language an internal and external communication, between themself and without the self. The natural flow of their communication aims to attract through emotions the collective hearing of the whole.

Creatividad en Movimiento is an independent organization from Argentina specialized in creative art, whose main objective is to promote and make the creation process sustainable. In order to fulfill this purpose, one of the annual initiatives is to register in an audio-visual format a selection of artists in the cities where the organization is based.


  1. 0110 Juan [04:29]
  2. 0220 [02:36]
  3. 0330 [06:11]
  4. 0490 Pablo [04:08]
  5. 0560 [08:22]
  6. 0681 [03:12]
  7. 0740 [05:55]
  8. 0817 [07:36]
  9. 0911 Migue [07:47]

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