Splicey and Tracky – Horses, Horses … Horses!

Catalogue number: HAZE353 | Artist: Splicey and Tracky | Date: 29/10/2015

Splicey and Tracky - Horses, Horses ... Horses!

Jess Lemont (Be a Waterwolf): all real instruments including drums, voice, guitar, bass, mallet percussion, keyboards, xaphoon, etc. Large-scale intricate lace improvisations.

Dave Keifer (Cagey House): virtual instruments, software, etc. Shifty editing, occasional brief embellishments.

Tracks created jointly between April and August of 2015.

Much thanks to Eric Schoster and Nate Zabriskie of The Geodes who appear on Track 8.


  1. Come and Go [05:51]
  2. Jess’s Ligeti Clusters [02:40]
  3. Rough Ride [02:49]
  4. Jess And The Bird [03:09]
  5. DB Splices [03:46]
  6. Shivers (New Snow) [03:08]
  7. Parade With Burning Car [02:49]
  8. Abuscade For Guitar And Clarinet [04:21]
  9. Steering By Starlight [03:08]
  10. Maybe Not Lights Out [02:24]

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