Fars – Körper Wahr

Catalogue number: HAZE352 | Artist: Fars | Date: 19/10/2015


“FARS was a Golgotha Communications Ltd. sister project, the Afanasievo to GCL’s Yamnaya, which existed from 1997 until 2007, when the name was retired for good. Nevertheless, some very important audio products of ours were released under this moniker, key among which was ‘Körper Wahr’, recorded on cassette in the long, nasty summer of 2001. Two prior editions were released over the years, but both quickly became unavailable for different reasons(that kind of thing happens very easily in the world of DIY music). That’s where HAZE and the boys from Belarus come in.”


  1. Minden Jót [03:38]
  2. Swaarm [03:43]
  3. Balsaa [03:19]
  4. Swaarm [02:11]
  5. Pfordor Dedicat [01:44]
  6. Pfönn [02:55]
  7. Dick [04:15]
  8. Swaatm [02:26]

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