Wёska Project – Passion For Lafontaine

Catalogue number: HAZE350 | Artist: Wёska Project | Date: 05/10/2015

Wёska Project - Passion For Lafontaine

“Passion for Lafontaine” conceived as a kind of soundtrack to his famous fable, as if Lafontaine was not a poet but a composer. This work is an attempt to adapt the elements of classical music to the modern perception of more sophisticated listener.
Recommended for headphone listening.

used samples:
Mike Koenig: Record Player Static.wav [SoundBible.com]
Mike Koenig: Opening Casket.wav [SoundBible.com]
Mike Koenig: Metal Debris Falling.wav [SoundBible.com]
Mike Koenig: Large Chains.wav [SoundBible.com]


  1. Debute [03:29]
  2. Passion For Lafontaine [15:11]
  3. Hare And Fox [02:00]
  4. Final Scene [05:02]

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