Rachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott – RHA

Catalogue number: HAZE347 | Artist: Rachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott | Date: 25/08/2015

Rachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold Cabott - RHA

Henry Koek and Arnold Cabott begin their collaboration in 2013. They create a trio, Nos Namajs, with André Darius, record for Netlabel, and play live. Henry and Arnold meet Rachel in a gig, in Marseille. She plays with Heard of Bears (Francois Wong, Ed Williams, Rachel Chen). There was a jam session. Then Miss Chen leaves to Singapore.
In 2015, Rachel came back for a short time in Aix en Provence. In July, Rachel, Henry, and Arnold play together, an afternoon in Aups and record this album – RHA.

Rachel Chen is a violinist who improvises. She sometimes plays with the piano and her voice as well. She was classically trained in both violin and piano from a young age, and continued her classical music endevours till her late teens. At the age of 21, she lived in New York for 6 months where she discovered and was inspired by experimental and electronic music in her university. Enraptured by the exploratory treatment of traditional instruments, and encouraged by the freedom and innovativeness of such sound-making, Rachel has since been playing improvised music. In France she plays with several musicians and groups, including Heard of Bears, Vincent Lajus and Ching Liu, as well as Arnold Cabott and Henry Koek. She also plays a lot in Singapore. In her music you will find the foundations of a classical background, an adventurous variety of textures and tones, and some influence from folk, gypsy, and jazz. Rachel was born in Singapore, but travels often… and always takes her violin with her.

Henry Koek make music improvisation & poems. He play saxophone and a lot of instruments. He say:
“I love expressing sounds in the moment. Sometimes it is just me and my voice or me and an instrument. I improvise alone or together with others and the group Nos Namajs. I use my own poems or poems from others to bring them in a sferic of sound, interaction of fibration, using a variety of instruments”.
Henry live in the south of France since 1997, he was born in Netherlands.

Arnold Cabott (guitar, digital tablet, trumpet, bass, piano, sanza, percussion, voice…) is a multi-influenced musician. He praticed the “spontaneous composition”, improvisation. He created later, to define this music the rather derisory term of “improximative music”, which includes improvisation and approximation and evokes the direct-played music aleas.
“Improximative music is a introspectophonic music ” (S.Dali, as A.Cabott says)
That sting demonstrates the difficulty to describe music, to categorize it, to reduce it to a few words…
In 2005, he met Barre Philips, and participated to workgroups organized each month by that great musician in the Bleu-Boeuf, Puget-Ville. Other meetings followed, such as Henri Roger and the So-what, Philippe Festou and the Sound-painting…
He plays in the Nos Namajs goup, with Henry Koek and Andre Darius, and with the BUM group, with Ophelie Brunet (dancer) and Antoine Ulmann. He participates with performances with the artist Alain de Fombelle. He collaborates with several artists, on stage, on soundcloud, or Netlabels.


  1. Prelude [03:19]
  2. Wolfs And Lambs [10:10]
  3. Slow River [03:17]
  4. Fairy And Sorcerers In The Moonlight [06:16]
  5. Chants [04:22]
  6. North Lake [07:45]

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