Exit To Exist – Splashing Plates Of Morning

Catalogue number: [HAZE 121] | Artist: Exit To Exist | Date: 26/08/2010


  1. Aether Vox
  2. Eloignement
  3. Nebular Breath
  4. His Heart Needs Crowding
  5. Mirroring Splash Plate
  6. Brightness
  7. Above The Endless Sea
  8. Clockworm
  9. Gardens Melt Into Thin Water

EXIT TO EXIST is experimental music project from Minsk, Belarus. It was created in 2007 by Vitovt & Unsound Of Mind. Music combines several stylistic references with ambient, experimental, electronica & darkwave. “Splashing Plates Of Morning…” is the second album in their discography, which continues musical tendencies started with the first release called “Harbours” (2008). It’s deep and emotionally filled space of personal imagery, or something which could evoke it.

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