Wёska Project – Goldkopf

Catalogue number: HAZE329 | Artist: Wёska Project | Date: 05/03/2015

Wёska Project - Goldkopf

“Goldkopf” project as a musical composition which was based on the principle of ABC-art. Compositions based on the principle a combination of sound and color, which was used by artists in the 20s of the last century.
“Exercises with body and color that occur on stage, contacted me with exercises
To work with sound. This principle is well established that the shorter sound wave line
More bass sounds, more – long – high frequency. Accordingly, sound plateau built
According to the principle – blue – bass, yellow – average, red – high. Sound composition is mixed, flirting with each other,
Forming a postmodern design ABC-art – modern sound plateaus on which there is a modernist
Stage production. Also in the composition “Goldkopf” used fragments and whole parts of several songs,
In the styles of impressionism and primitivism, as well as fragments of field recordings and operation of the various devices.
All these developments have been used to maximize the effect, when the modern, which invades the visual space –
rethought, and shall not be revolutionary load, but only flirts with the audience.”


  1. Goldkopf [48:13]

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