Golgotha Communications Limited – A Certain Fondness

Catalogue number: HAZE325 | Artist: Golgotha Communications Limited | Date: 02/02/2015

Golgotha Communications Limited - A Certain Fondness

Golgotha Communications Limited is a Philadelphia-based experimental music project, founded and fronted by an urban Psychonaut and neo-Pantheist named Josef Karpinovic.

“A certain fondness”, which is also called “Exploding desire”, is a collection of nine sketches about what can happen when the light hits you in just the wrong way.


  1. The Ampling Stork [06:00]
  2. A Note Of Interrogation I [00:12]
  3. Fetching Fond [09:00]
  4. Four And Aft [14:43]
  5. A Note Of Interrogation II [01:32]
  6. This Is The Holy Hexagram [06:28]
  7. It’s Impossible To Do Nothing [09:44]
  8. Fond Fore [03:59]
  9. A Note Of Interrogation III [00:29]

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