Dead Frank – The Trip

Catalogue number: HAZE320 | Artist: Dead Frank | Date: 13/01/2015

Dead Frank - The Trip

We don’t know who Frank was, whom he loved, why he died; Frank chose us or we – him; why it started and when finished. Our sounds have pain, joy, triumph, fear, love, agony, anger, liberation.
Our creativity is far from consciousness. This the direct of stream’s is about source, which we don’t know and don’t want to know.
And we gave it a name – Frank. Dead Frank. This is it.


  1. The Cube [06:50]
  2. Pesto [03:43]
  3. Hell’o-Dance [07:02]
  4. Nevry’s Land [04:36]
  5. He’s Life [04:28]
  6. On A Visit At Pointsman [03:44]
  7. Unsuccessful Journey [08:31]
  8. …Behind Cigarettes [07:12]

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