Markus Reineke, Frank Wilke – Dream Incorporation

Catalogue number: HAZE317 | Artist: Markus Reineke, Frank Wilke | Date: 29/12/2014

Markus Reineke, Frank Wilke - Dream Incorporation

The eleven tracks on this album grew out of extensively processed and arranged improvisations recorded between July and October 2014 in Hattingen and Wuppertal, deep in good old western Germany.

Everyday experience in this so called modern, especially technical and scientifical world is that our basic human needs and perceptions interfer with those more or less abstract and formal reality constructions which come from our minds.

While sleeping, these two seperate streams of conciousness have to be incorporated to get an integrated awareness again. Sometimes a pleasure for our mind, but, as we experience, emotionally not easy from time to time as well – Dream Incorporation.

The principal instruments are trumpet (F. Wilke) and modular synthesizer (M. Reineke), as well as various other acoustic (field recordings, harmonica, overtone flute, percussion, recorders) and electronic (no-input effect units, analogue synthesizers, software synthesizers) sound sources.
The result is a field of contexts cornered by elements of ambient, contemporary electroacoustics, drone, dub, free improvisation and microtonality.

By the way: the starting point of our improvisations was the engagement in the marvelous baroque music of Valentin Haussmann (1560-1614).

Markus Reineke
Born in 1969. Electronic music since 1996. Free improvisation since 2014.
Musical coordinates: Derek Bailey, Morton Feldman, Thomas Lehn, Luigi
Nono, Moritz von Oswald, Evan Parker, Keith Rowe

Frank Wilke
Born in 1962, plays trumpet, trombone, horn and is also dealing with electronic sound generation. Major musical influences: Manfred Schoof, Albert Mangelsdorf, Bill Dixon, Alexander v Schlippenbach, Tony Oxley, John Cage and Mauricio Kagel… Accordingly, his musical work moves between free jazz, new music and experimental music.


  1. Wave Front Propagation [01:25]
  2. Operator Norms [02:57]
  3. Etale Cobordism [04:51]
  4. Mori Dream Space [04:21]
  5. Barycentric Subdivision [04:40]
  6. Topological Field Theory [04:17]
  7. Local – Global Principle [04:05]
  8. Dirac Sea [02:26]
  9. Multiple Zeta Values [03:36]
  10. Infinity Stacks [02:29]
  11. Hypergeometric Series [02:03]

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