Captan, Obvio – Die Captan, Obvio Die

Catalogue number: [HAZE112] | Artist: Captan, Obvio | Date: 08/03/2010


  1. Take Your Hands Off Me You Damn Dirty Ape!!
  2. El Blues Del Cura (I Swear I Didn’t Know She Was Eight)
  3. Smile, Johnny (Slowly Dippin’ My Shimp In Your Flithy Salsa)
  4. Don Pardo Presents Tonight’s Musical Guest
  5. Alice Han A Boyfriend In Her Dream (No Means Yes, And Yes Means Anal)
  6. Wail Ai Was In De Wildernes, Yes, Dat Was Mai Penis
  7. Prom Night Jersey 78, Who Gave The Retards Crack? (La-ra-ra-ra)
  8. Adiós, Mamá (Corre, Chiguire, Corre)
  9. Where You Going Alice?
  10. I Am Not An Animal, I Am A Man
  11. Ouch! My Squigly Smooge!!
  12. Las Puertas Han Caído (Yeeppikaie, Motherfucker)
  13. Look At Them Pelicans Fly Men! Go Pelican!
  14. Its Come To This, Hasn’t It?

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