SaneLIV – Adventure Boys

Catalogue number: HAZE299 | Artist: SaneLIV | Date: 20/10/2014

SaneLIV - Adventure Boys

The first full-length by SaneLIV for Haze is Adventure Boys, a superhero opera of maximalist idm/electronica.
SaneLIV makes art and music in a basement in the suburbs of a Midwestern city in the USA and has contributed to several of the Haze Sound Interpretations compilations.


  1. Paper Mache USA (With AJ Holbrook) [06:33]
  2. All Is Conflict And You Must Take Sides [03:12]
  3. Adventure Boys [03:20]
  4. The Trickster [04:36]
  5. Quest Voyage [02:36]
  6. Flying Robot Meets Skygirl [03:04]
  7. Tension Resolution [03:14]
  8. More Adventures [02:26]
  9. Summer Hero Opera [04:36]
  10. Badass Lover Ruff [02:28]
  11. Denouement [05:06]


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