Generation Skweee – The First Album

Catalogue number: HAZE/CDr001 | Artist: Generation Skweee | Date: 14/08/2014

In 2012, RoomDark and Kritchev vs. Ban came together to squeeze out a new sound. Years of composed and played music formed an unimaginable mix of sounds, images, tempo, attitudes and originated a new project — Generation Skweee.
Generation Skweee — is a reflection of the age of experimental music scene. Experimental electronic and Skweee elements grappled together in this release and formed an unique combination of Scandinavian coldness, fiery beats and crackling old records.

The disc has a white, matte and pleasant surface. Required information is marked on the disc by manually stamp. Each disk is embedded color sticker bonus. The CD comes in a thick, clear plastic bag with a pocket of 80 mcr. Amount of copies is limited (50 specimens).
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  1. Intro
  2. Lustmorders
  3. Kettle Whistler
  4. A Giorno
  5. Monster Stickers
  6. Revers River
  7. Valium
  8. Scrabble Porn
  9. Biting Box
  10. Head Dreamer
  11. Frequently Z
  12. Killer Diller
  13. Swordworm
  14. Outro
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