Golgotha Communications Limited – Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny

Catalogue number: HAZE297 | Artist: Golgotha Communications Limited | Date: 13/10/2014

Golgotha Communications Limited - Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny

Golgotha Communications Limited are a Philadelphia-based experimental music group, founded in 1996, who have released numerous works in numerous formats on numerous labels, and have also recorded as FARS, 222, and THE PIT GRAVE ENSEMBLE.
‘Dieta Z Dobre Rodiny’ is a document of recordings made in 2009, which was originally issued on recycled cassettes by the now-defunct label SCOTCH TAPES in May of 2010. Now out of print, we felt that it was time to make this release permanently available, in digital form.


  1. The Problem Of Sex [01:36]
  2. Lasagna Verde [02:03]
  3. Mother Of Pearl [02:36]
  4. She Wears Short-Shorts Pt.1 [01:38]
  5. Embarassed In Full [03:06]
  6. That Time Of The Month [02:54]
  7. She Wears Short-Shorts Pt.2 [02:47]
  8. Saur With Me [01:37]
  9. A Somewhat Un-Welcome Interlude [03:58]
  10. She Wears Short-Shorts Pt.3 [01:37]
  11. In This Country [03:03]
  12. To Swell Up And Burst [01:33]
  13. She Wears Short-Shorts Pt.4 [03:24]
  14. To Swell Up And Burst Again [01:58]
  15. The Child Of A Decent Nation [03:12]
  16. Overly Concerned [03:32]
  17. The Great Patriotic Whore [01:40]

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