Knyaz Mishkin – Koryagin

Catalogue number: HAZE295 | Artist: Knyaz Mishkin | Date: 02/10/2014

Knyaz Mishkin - Koryagin

Presenting your attention the rare recording of the cult Belarusian intuitive improvisation band Knyaz Mishkin. The recording was made in 1991.

L.Narushevich – electric guitar, flute, tambourine, voice.
Y.Pavlovskij – drums, cymbals, harmonica.

Tools and equipment used during recording: electric guitar Diamant, drums Riga, cymbals Amati, amplifier Vermona, harmonica China, microphones Big, MKE-80, MD-64a, MD-64, mixing console Impuls, tape recorder Nota-203S, reverberator Maxon .
Recorded in the basement of a private house, 28.07.1991.


  1. Koryagin [37:38]

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