Golgotha Communications – Wine, Women and Song Pt2

Catalogue number: | Artist: Golgotha Communications Ltd. | Date: 18/08/2014

Golgotha Communications has just dropped a very special release through the HAZE netlabel. When you listen to it you will be instantly introduced to an experimental audio world that is rich of a high psychedelic effect.

In the first chapter prominent sounds are being reliantly brought in to become more and more apparent in transforming into something else. They simply lose their sound shapes and forms as they shape shift in a brewing audio trip.

The thing what astonish me the most when swimming in this audio world is that it’s done with a gratitude and sophistication. It’s not a bag of sounds plunged into some experimental music box; this is a trip release that is obviously very well thought about.

It really stands out in quality and how the experimental soundscape seems to be delivered in a intelligent way. This is one release that makes sure that you will have no moment to be bored as every move and structure comes across as carefully orchestrated to keep the audio lover inside a pleasant and yet psychedelic strange soundscape.

The second track named ‘The Erin Fraud’ keeps the release interesting by going for a different direction. From the beginning Golgotha Communications simply introduces beautiful slow calm pretty tones that create an almost oriental landscape of green and inner peace.

The beautiful tones intertwine with each-other creating a warm and pretty atmosphere. When halfway the music strips itself down to a single tone; the mood changes to a more sentimental one. Slowly the music will leave the listener for a almost classical hint of music that flows until a most wanted form of audio hypnotism slips in.

It is here that a imaginable gateway reveals itself and Golgotha Communications presents a form of heaven for headphones. It’s simply a stunning soundscape with beautiful rewards for the listener who dares to absorb the music and isn’t afraid to lose track of time.

From here it is easy to feel the evolvement of the last audio chapter available on this release. It’s as if the artists hypnosis has semi ended and we are obliged to open up the eyes and see through our ears. It’s a hibernated minimal world that is created here with manly manipulated sounds that move in a rhythmic fashion while others flirting on top.

Before realizing what happens Golgotha Communications somehow transports it’s listeners to a open place in a natural environment. It’s here when we can follow the footsteps and the smooth voice of a lucky angel. It’s a moment that comes across as a authentic radio play without a written storyline voiced by actors, but pure one to be told and experienced by your own imaginary imagination.

Personally I felt like becoming aware again that this was not real, that it was something like a beautiful space only available through the music. And at that moment of revelation the music became different; very friendly, warm and rewarding.

It was like solving the puzzle and now enjoying the bigger picture. The voice in the music that says ‘it changes you’ is absolutely right if you apply it to the experience of a listening session to this wonder of an album. Excellent well-crafted experimental music over here!
And to make it even better; it’s free!

Free download ‘Wine, Women and Song Pt2’ by Golgotha Communications Ltd.

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