Psychic Frequencies – Cut Ups And Fold Ins

Catalogue number: HAZE280 | Artist: Psychic Frequencies | Date: 20/06/2014

Psychic Frequencies - Cut Ups And Fold Ins

Psychic Frequencies
…is the name of a musical project formed between artists Alistair Stray and David Clarkson in 2013. The name derives from the awareness and ability of the souls involved to perceive and sense the nature of the collaborative process from afar. It is a foresight and an extra sensory perception borne from the musical experience and ability of both individuals…

Alistair Stray
Stray has been involved in many areas of experimental music for the last 20-25 years as well as being a visual artist, film maker and animator (mainly 8mm thru video to digital). During the 90s, his main project was a film improvisation group called Deconstructed Cinema. He was also a founder member of the Raya Collective who played various venue types from clubs to squats and had a brief residency at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. Towards the end of the 90s, Stray formed an improv group called Irritants that mostly played the free party and squat scene as well as at Hugh Metcalfe’s ‘Klinker’ club night in London. In recent times, he has collaborated with his partner Anna Flack (a vocalist and experimental digital musician) under the name Radical Elsewhere, releasing recordings on the DBS Sounds & Kreislauf labels. Stray has also released experimental music under the name Noosign on the HAZE and Zimmer labels as well as on Bandcamp. The Kreislauf label has also put out his more dub based work under the name Inference.

David Clarkson
In the last 30 years, Clarkson has been involved in many areas of music, mainly experimental. During the 80s, Clarkson released solo experimental/ electronic music on cassettes under the name Central Processing Unit. In the year 2000, he formed the solo project Illuminati and has so far recorded 5 CDs, numerous vinyl appearances and been featured on BBC radio and in film festivals. Illuminati also provided incidental music to the film of the media art installation ‘Human Avatars’ (Andrea Zapp 2006) together with Vini Reilly (Durutti Column). Clarkson also co-founded the Lotta Continua label (2004-2010), Burst Couch experimental club night and co-formed experimental electronic trio Triclops (2001-2012) releasing 3 CDs. White Cube, Triclops and Illuminati have played more than 100 gigs sharing events with such artists as Keith Rowe, Janek Schaefer, Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Biting Tongues, Crispy Ambulance, Melt Banana and Elbow. Clarkson is currently putting together new Illuminati material and has recently been involved in remix projects and a collaboration called Spectral Bazaar. A new website and bandcamp page under the name Cavendish House is due for launch.


  1. Folding Trains [05:55]
  2. Something Happened Here Once [08:06]
  3. The Current In The Warren [06:00]
  4. Vitrious Korea [05:22]

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