Noises Of Russia – Quiet Cube

Catalogue number: [HAZE087] | Artist: Noises Of Russia | Date: 21/10/2009


  1. Quiet Cube (Тихий Куб)

The alboum “Quiet Cube” is a live concert recording, that have been played on a performance of buto theatre “ODDdance”. This performance had place in a ST-Petersburg, in a famouse sculpture studio of Anikushin, as a part of “Museums Night” 2008. During the performance the audience are programmed to a result of invisible process, follow the instruction, they are crook on a fish-hook witch was suspended by the artists. The audience have no possibility for usual breathing,they need a respiratory system: an idea, conception, message, fictitious form.

1g0g alias Gosha Solnzev – the composer of electronic music, member project Noises Of Russia. His compositions often created from stylistically disparate musical elements are defined by specific composition of music space and by density of sound stream.
The voices of turning machines, church singing or piping,
drops of rain knocking against the metal roof, dog’s barking, tree’s whisper, howl of the wind, organ accords and any other sounds are changing in his hands enormously and serve as real-time source material for creating of giant acoustical constructions of very fanciful forms. The style characterize as – apocalyptic experimental music. Be aware that 1g0g always uses to the maximum all facilities and power of concert devices.

Noises Of Russia –,
ODDDance theatre –
sculpture studio of Anikushin –

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