Cohen Ris – Ur Mur / Kor Ver

Catalogue number: HAZE245 | Artist: Cohen Ris | Date: 30/10/2013

Cohen Ris - Ur Mur / Kor Ver

Two tracks originally composed under the name Hyaena Fierling Reich 2010.
Re-composed, re-mastered by Cohen Ris 2013.

Sound sources:
voice, improvised tuba, ceramic mayan flutes, moog synth, objects, all composition, modulation and mastering by Cohen Ris.

Recorded and mastered at Gnomon Studio, Lisbon PT.
Re-composed and re-mastered at Moving Owl Studio, Birmingham.

ur mur: the murmur – the first sound uttered and heard
kor ver: the eyes of the heart see beyond sight

Thank you:
Farry, Letta, Bly, Vellocet Maria, Kalika, AB, JPR, G. McBeast, Xarhope.

Photo by Jean-Pierre Rosa.


  1. Ur Mur [24:00]
  2. Kor Ver [15:01]

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